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It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve been so busy actually living that I’ve had no time to blog.

But today you’re getting an update from one of our many Bridgeheads. 

It’s not that I haven’t been out in the hood taking pics of changes and additions. I just haven’t gotten it all together. 

So here goes …

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Anytime Fitness looks like it’s about to open. The paper in the windows is gone.

The Wine Rack has opened but has been empty of customers each time I’ve walked by.

And dentists are different.  That building … not sure about what to make of it.


The goal for this morning’s walk was Albert Island. I was curious to see any progress in access to the Zibi side, especially since the next Brewery Market is taking place there on October 22,  instead of Hintonburg. Sorry to report that the gates were locked. I did see some great autumn leaves along the river. And cyclists were even using their bells thus morning! Read the rest of this entry »

The monkeys sent me the link for my year in review. This year I thought I’d add my own thoughts about the past year.

I meant to blog a lot more than I did. I walked or cycled almost every day in the hood, sometimes snapping photos with my phone to remind myself that something new had popped up or closed down. But then I would get busy with life and forget to post. Read the rest of this entry »

Today, I walked around Wellington West, partly because I knew I’d be posting about the upcoming Tastes of Wellington. But also because a neighbour had shared an interesting piece of gossip about a new brewpub opening in the hood. Read the rest of this entry »

Yesterday a friend e-mailed me to let me know that the Expedition Shoppe was having an end of lease sale, with 30 to 80 percent off. NosyNeighbour and I had visited the Garage before it closed at the end of last month, and I was curious to see what I could find.

So after completing my walk along the beach loop, I popped in for a browse. Okay, I’d brought my credit card just in case, so I was hoping to find a deal. And I did. Hint to Nosyneighbour, it’s all final sale … so nothing’s going back 😉

I also learned some sad news. There won’t be a lease renewal party. They are closing at the end of September and haven’t found another location … yet. I will be sad to see them leave the neighbourhood. I think they kept MEC on their toes. MEC’s service has been going steadily downhill, as they hire young hipsters that look at me like I’m too old to shop there.

So that’s the new part of the post. Now here’s the gossip.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.52.02 PM

If you’ve ever walked along Carleton Avenue between Scott Street and the Ottawa River, you’ve probably noticed all the new houses that have been mushrooming up. The street was rezoned for higher density, and developers have no problem buying a lot and slicing it up into two sets of doubles, just like you’d slice up some mushrooms to accompany a pork chop or steak on the barbecue.

A neighbour (but not NosyNeighbour) was doing the beach loop one day, when she noticed a black sedan with tinted windows driving slowly along Carleton. It was during the day, and while she normally feels safe walking down the street, she wondered if it was a drug dealer in the car.

But when the car pulled over and the driver got out, she realized it was a certain Ottawa hockey player. One captain of the local NHL team. And he walked over to talk to the builder. She didn’t hear the conversation, but there has been a rumour circulating in the neighbourhood that an Ottawa Senator (hockey, not political) is moving into the Champlain Park area. If you’re moving in, welcome EK65 to the hood!

The next piece of gossip is almost news. Another member of the team has bought a house on Carleton. This one comes from Sweden as well. But his parents come from somewhere else. He speaks four languages and one of them is Farsi. Guess who?

Yesterday evening, NosyNeighbour and I walked to the Dollarama to pick up a few items. We saw lots of changes in the neighbourhood. Some we’d already read about, but some were new (at least to us).  Read the rest of this entry »

I still can’t believe I used to blog almost every day when I was at work. Maybe it was to give me a sense of the good things around me. You know, write them down, say them out loud so you’d believe they existed. So glad I’m not at work now. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been blogging as much.

Two things I noticed on a recent walk. Well, maybe it’s been a few days:

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And now for whazzup this weekend: Read the rest of this entry »

Life has been so busy lately, with courses Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. I have yellow post it notes all over the computer trying to remember everything I have to get done. There’s got to be a better system. I just haven’t found it yet.

Blogging wasn’t even on my list. It was something I was supposed to do every day. Strangely, when I was working, I managed to find the time every day. I was always amazed at how many people from places far away would read my blog posts about my cycle to work. But I digress …

New in the neighbourhood:

  • the building that houses The Piggy Market in Westboro has had a makeover. The Piggy Market has reopened with a nice big sign at its old location, but I think they’ve expanded.
  • at the front of the building, a new beauty bar has opened: 10spot. Not really my kind of thing, but I’m sure there are enough people to fill it.
  • Trii Outdoor Lounge, on Wellington at the corner of Hamilton North, has filed a minor variance application. I’ve seen the sign there for a while. You can read more about the proposed elevated patio here.

Coming up this weekend, you’ll have lots of choice in the hood:

  • It’s Ottawa Race Weekend and that means it’s time to get our Bavarian outfits on, grab the cowbell and go down the street to cheer the racers on.
  • Art in the Alley is on May 23 to 25 @ Alicat Art Studio, 1395 Wellington St. W.
  • The Brewery Market is making its next appearance in Hintonburg on Saturday, May 24, 12-8pm. They’re closing early so the runners in the crowd can get home early (snicker, snicker)

Of course, good luck trying to get anywhere this weekend. Go by foot or ride a bike.

Today’s update didn’t come from a walk. Well sort of. We went to Illume for coffee this morning. And luckily for us, we had dibs on the stack of fresh newspapers. After NosyNeighbour set off to work, I read through the Citizen, parts of the Globe and then dove into the Kitchissippi Times.

There were some interesting bits of information. And since I’m never sure if the links work after I add them, here’s what I learned:

  • Railbender Studio will be opening on February 15th  in 3 Hamilton (the former army barracks). It’s a combination tattoo and art studio. Interesting mix. You can read more about it in the front page article.
  • Just up the road, in the former location of lulu & coco, Cake and Shake will be opening in the Spring. Ron Eade blogged about this piece of news as well.
  • And last but not least, although it does involve a change of lease …. the Orange Gallery is moving to City Centre and …. Suzy Q Donuts is opening a second location in its place.

Yikes! those donuts will be even closer. I like that I can’t smell them now and have a 20 minute walk to get to them.



2014-01-28 13.04.14It’s not the first time I noticed that something had gone a-rye. But today I finally remembered to take a pic so I could share the latest neighbourhood developments.

Harvest Loaf has closed. I think I only bought from them once in all the years they were there. But that’s because I’m frugal and NosyNeighbour learned how to make bread. And then I perfected the science of big fat doughy Bavarian pretzels.

Anyways, I was curious to know whether it was high rents forcing them out of the neighbourhood. I found this on their facebook page:

Thank you to all our supporters over the last 13 years. With a heavy heart, we have decided to close Harvest Loaf for a number of reasons. We will certainly miss the neighbourhood and all the familiar faces. We definitely would not have made it this long without our wonderful and loyal staff and bakers- thank you!

Should you have a craving for a lamington or a curry turkey sweet potato pie and happen to be in the east side of town, you can still find these items at our sister store, Bread and Roses Bakery, 323 St. Laurent Blvd. 613.745.2087.


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