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There have been many celebrations over the past few weeks, including Beau’s in Vankleek Hill, and the Barrhaven Oktoberfest. We didn’t make it to either.

If you’re looking for less of a drunkfest, with some good food and an authentic Bavarian host, check out tomorrow’s Oktoberfest at St. George’s Church. I’m not Catholic, but NosyNeighbour and I will be there in our Bavarian attire. Because once you spend the big bucks on the authentic garb, you have to find places to wear it.



Chaudiere Falls

I took this photo yesterday on my walk back home. People walking towards me were looking at the raging river too. I had completely forgotten that I had taken the photo. Then today as I cycled across the bridge, I saw a photographer with a tripod walking along the bridge ahead of me. And I knew what he was doing. I like taking photos too, but I would never walk on that side of the road on the bridge.

With hiking season long gone and not much new snow on the ground, we’ve decided that snowshoeing will be our way of staying in shape.

We bought our snowshoes, complete with retractable poles, last year at Costco. In fact, it was actually the poles that drew me in. I had wanted some for hiking to help protect my aging knees from long downhills at the end of a hike. They really felt it when we hiked from the start of Ridge Road near Old Chelsea up to the Champlain Lookout and back.

Last weekend we brought the snowshoes out to Kanata. We opted not to convert the baskets and took the crosscountry ski poles instead. That was a mistake. Your stride isn’t nearly as long on shoes as it is on skis. I also learned not to follow NosyNeighbour’s suggestion of “Let’s take this trail and see where it goes,” especially when you’ve only eaten a grapefruit, started your day with some special “Christmas Cream” in your coffee and have no snacks for along the trail. Needless to say I was parched and peckish after finishing that loop, which took almost an hour and a half. Thankfully, my lumpy foot held up okay but it was starting to feeling the pressure of repetitive slapping against the frozen ground. Read the rest of this entry »

Well except for the bugs … but still, hope you get out to see at least one of these before summer is truly over.

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Summer hasn’t been good so far. Dave Phillips says Ottawa has had less rain than normal, but it’s had more rain days than usual. Go figure. But if you live here you know that almost every day you need to bring your umbrella. It’s been a pain for hanging up laundry, especially now that I’m downtown.

I used to be able to bring it in at lunch. But then I had a job I really didn’t like. Like real estate, work location is important, but if you can’t stand the house, why buy it? Read the rest of this entry »


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