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It has been a while since I’ve posted. I have been hiking and cycling and hiding from all this rain.

But today we ventured out by foot and it gave me time to notice some additions and subtractions:

Satin and Snow is a new bridal boutique beside Red Salon. It started as a wedding planner and now has a retail presence. It should fit in nicely with the wedding dress shop just down the street.


Bija Bijoux is now gone. When I was working,  I used to go there all the time. I still love my snowflake earrings and necklace.  I tracked her down on twitter, and she closed up on June 9 and is focusing on online only.  That’s what happens when you cycle down Wellington …. you focus on not getting doored or run off the road.

+ Coming soon next to the Foot Lab (opposite the Bagel Shop) is Snack Attic, a soft serve ice cream parlour offering lactose free and gluten free options. I couldn’t find a web presence. When I googled it, I kept getting pest control companies. Be careful what you name your company….. But I do love a good soft serve icecream. And we already have some good icecream and gelato shops.

20170630_153643.jpg+ The former location of Ravensara is becoming yet another barber shop called The Foxhole. I think we have almost as many barber shops as hair salons. I had no idea men would spend money on facial grooming. What will happen when beards are no longer cool?

+ Stella Luna is now open and we stopped by to try some of their amazing gelato. Delish!!

+ Coming soon in the same building is Nu, a zero waste grocery store.

+ Camping at Tom Brown Arena for Canada 150 and wow you can see the LRT station taking shape at Bayview. The weather is just not cooperating for Canada’s 150th birthday party. But at least the grass is nice and green!

We wanted to go for a hike on the weekend, but we were leery of the invasion of “leafers” who appear each fall. Holding a Tim Horton’s cup in one hand, and a cigarette or donut in the other, leafers take over the parkways and parking lots in the Gatineau Park.

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October 16 is World Food Day. This year’s theme is Climate is Changing. Food and Agriculture must too.

If you’re interested in a local event, you can find out more about a community walkathon to support these organizations:

For more details, see all-about-food-event-details-2016.

Today NosyNeighbour and I set off on a pre-Thanksgiving hike.

We started at the canoe launch parking lot and set off for the Ramparts. It’s only the third time I’ve been there. And it was NosyNeighbour’s first. 

Most of the lookouts in the park overlook the Ottawa River, but the Ramparts overlook Meech Lake. And once the leaves are off the trees we should be able to see two more lakes.

On the way back, I thought I’d do dome exploring for a hiking group I’ve joined and co-lead. Do NOT take trail 20 in the summer. Do not let yourself believe that the no bikes sign means that hikers are welcome.  Remember that the signage is for winter users.

But the leaves are turning. And we beat the crowds. Enjoy the pics. I plan to post more of my hikes.

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There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about Ontario’s new law that requires motorists to leave one metre between themselves and cyclists. Ottawa Police on bikes are testing a new sonar device to educate drivers about just how far that distance is. Delivery trucks are parking in bus lanes and buses are parking in bike lanes. Several newspaper columnists have written columns about their experiences either as a cyclist, driver or both. In all the comments, the one that spoke to me the most was the one that said something like: there are dickheads on bikes and dickheads behind the wheel. Please everyone stop being dickheads. Read the rest of this entry »

Sometimes I walk around the neighbourhood and use my phone to take photos of new things. And then I continue with my day and completely forget to post. Read the rest of this entry »

The monkeys sent me the link for my year in review. This year I thought I’d add my own thoughts about the past year.

I meant to blog a lot more than I did. I walked or cycled almost every day in the hood, sometimes snapping photos with my phone to remind myself that something new had popped up or closed down. But then I would get busy with life and forget to post. Read the rest of this entry »

What a hot summer it’s been so far. With temperatures in the high 20s every day and feeling more like 40 with the humidity, I haven’t been walking a lot. Instead I like to cycle, albeit slowly, to at least get a breeze in my face.

A lot has been going on in the neighbourhood. Starting in Hintonburg and heading west, here’s what I’ve seen: Read the rest of this entry »

Today’s plan was to find some shirts for NosyNeighbour,  a hat for me, and various accessories for our Dahon folding bikes. 


We arrived at Century 21 shortly after it opened and found some good deals. After dropping off our puchases,  we walked through the Financial District to City Hall and then along Broadway to East 13th Street, to bfold, a bike shop recommended by a guy at the Bike Expo.


You would never find it walking down the street. It’s jam packed with folders and the most helpful guys. In addition to the big apple tires,  we picked uo the xooter rack and a Thule bag. We also learned a bit about the guy who referred us. We knew he had worked at the store. But we didn’t know he’d sold his violin to buy his first Brompton. We may check out his foldiefoodie tour next time.


We walked over to Union Square for a quick bite and munched on our pies while we people watched. There was a lot to take in. A tour group were listening to the guide talking about the history of the neighbourhood,  while a hundred people were getting pumped for the New York Marijuana Parade. Methi ks they were gojng to be leaving a bit late and maybe inthe wrong direction.


After a bit of a hiccup getting on the N whe we needed the R, we eventually made our way back.  NosyNeighbour replaced his tires while I surfed and wrote drafts for the blog, but only after I’d found tge tablet,  which was hidden in the safe.

So,  to kill some time,  we took the free  ferry to the Brooklyn Ikea for an ice cream and a pass by tge Statue of Liberty. The Ikea bistro was ceazy busy. And at leasf now with Ottawa’s bigger Ikea,  I dobt need to shop for stuff here.

Time killed, we returned back to the hotel having walked more than 17,000 steps.  We visited Ulysses’ for supper, sharing some spring rolls. NosyNeighbour gad fish and chips,  and I had the Stone Street salad with chicken. Here’s hooing we’re well fueled for tomorrow.

We spent longer than expected at Woodbury Commons.  Ironically all of our puchases were made at the first store, Northface, which had opened a bit earlier.

Then we set off for Manhattan,  but undecided about which bridge to cross. While we were driving, I used the Garmin to fing a Petco. We’d been looking for a replacement cat harness for our cat, and Petco was the only place I knew of that carried the figure 8 style that works withnour highly active urban cat.

But finding our way back to the Tapanzee bridge was a challenge.  And then we had conflicts between the Garmin and car GPS. What should have been a cheaper route became expensive when we crossed the Triboro

But eventually things work themselves out and we arrived.  After unloading the car, we headed off to Basketball City to pick up our tour packets. We meandered through all the exhibitors and then ate shawarma before returning to the hotel.


After a quick change,  we set off to Terra Blues to Greenwich Village via the R line. The first band, Saron Crenshaw Trio, played an acoustic set.


The second group  Michael Powers Frequency,  was plugged in but not too loud. We stayed for a few songs but didn’t feel the connection that we’d had with the first band.


Interesting ride back in the subway. Ended up on the car with sketchy scruffy guys sleeping on the seats.


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