The problem with not cycling the lake in the same stages as everyone else is that you can miscalculate the distance. Ferries crisscross the lake and some tours don’t cycle the entire route. And then I realized that today was going to be a big climb out of Konstanz.

On a positive note, the direction we cycled had a path parallel to the road on the uphills. The downhill was amazing! Cycling on the road through the town of Liggeringen (which I only know from looking it up on Google Maps later) was exilerating. I reached almost 67km/h on a fully loaded folding bike and didn’t crash!

Today’s route also had a lot of maps for hikers and cyclists. Unfortunately the flat route beside the lake was closed.

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But at least I knew I had already cycled up to the Champlain Lookout as part of training. So I wasn’t really worried. But still, it was tempting every time we saw a ferry sign to simply pay to cross the lake.

We had already cycled 43 km by the time we reached Ludwigshafen, which I had estimated to be roughly half way. Luckily the rain showers arrived at a covered spot with free WLAN, toilets, bike repair, lockers and free laundry! The rain didn’t last long and soon we were back on the road. Literally, unfortunately. But at least it wasn’t for long.

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When we were 4km from Meersburg, we found an Imbiss/biergarten and decided to refuel. I’m so glad we ordered from the “small plate” section. When the waitress brought out the two plates of sausage and chips I didn’t think I would finish it. But of course, cycling over the mountains gave me the courage and hunger to do so.


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Meersburg is known for its vineyards and is divided into a small Altstadt by the water and the Obendorf up top where the old and new castles are located. After all the climbing today, we were happy to have booked down below so we didn’t need to cycle uphill on cobbles.

The decor in our hotel was a bit … hmmm…. odd. But the price and location worked. The entire hotel was decorated like medieval times, complete with music playing non-stop in the stairwell. The walls even had cracks painted on them.



But the breakfast provided at the main hotel was delicious. And in the morning I saw my first glimpse of the Alps across the lake. Mesmerizing!