It has been a while since I’ve posted. I have been hiking and cycling and hiding from all this rain.

But today we ventured out by foot and it gave me time to notice some additions and subtractions:

Satin and Snow is a new bridal boutique beside Red Salon. It started as a wedding planner and now has a retail presence. It should fit in nicely with the wedding dress shop just down the street.


Bija Bijoux is now gone. When I was working,  I used to go there all the time. I still love my snowflake earrings and necklace.  I tracked her down on twitter, and she closed up on June 9 and is focusing on online only.  That’s what happens when you cycle down Wellington …. you focus on not getting doored or run off the road.

+ Coming soon next to the Foot Lab (opposite the Bagel Shop) is Snack Attic, a soft serve ice cream parlour offering lactose free and gluten free options. I couldn’t find a web presence. When I googled it, I kept getting pest control companies. Be careful what you name your company….. But I do love a good soft serve icecream. And we already have some good icecream and gelato shops.

20170630_153643.jpg+ The former location of Ravensara is becoming yet another barber shop called The Foxhole. I think we have almost as many barber shops as hair salons. I had no idea men would spend money on facial grooming. What will happen when beards are no longer cool?

+ Stella Luna is now open and we stopped by to try some of their amazing gelato. Delish!!

+ Coming soon in the same building is Nu, a zero waste grocery store.

+ Camping at Tom Brown Arena for Canada 150 and wow you can see the LRT station taking shape at Bayview. The weather is just not cooperating for Canada’s 150th birthday party. But at least the grass is nice and green!