We wanted to go for a hike on the weekend, but we were leery of the invasion of “leafers” who appear each fall. Holding a Tim Horton’s cup in one hand, and a cigarette or donut in the other, leafers take over the parkways and parking lots in the Gatineau Park.

The fitter ones sometimes make it as far west as Luskville Falls. And photographers often hike the bottom part of the trail to capture the beauty of the leaves against the mist of the falls.

So we ventured farther west to the start of Trail 56 at Lac Ramsay. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the parking lot at Church Hill Picnic spot is where you begin this hike. Keep driving past there, and keep going again even when it turns from pavement to gravel road. You may see a few cars pulled over at the side of the road once you see the lake on the left. After you park, you may even notice that there once was a parking lot here.

We stayed right at the first fork in the path. If you go left, it takes you to a winter yurt. At the next fork, you need to decide whether you will go left and continue to Taylor and Phillip Lakes or go right to the lookout. We opted for the lookout.

This lookout isn’t has high as the ones along Wolf Trail. But it was nice just the same. I’m sure the other lookouts in the park would have been packed with stressed out people trying to take selfies with their tablets and iPads. We had lunch in the peace and quiet and only saw a few cyclists on our return back to the fork in the road.

The trail passes by a number of lakes. There a couple of climbs, but nothing too steep. It seems like it used to be a logging road, so it’s wide and doesn’t require hiking poles.

Have a look at some of the pics:

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