NosyNeighbour and I went for a walk a few weeks ago. I took a few photos to remind me of the latest news. And then completely forgot about them.

Then a friend sent me an email with the same news and I realized I’d never posted them.


Leaving the hood is The Guest Room. It looks like they have another location on Belfast Road. A for lease sign sits in the window, with AMHstyle as the landlord.

And down near Bija a coming soon sign appeared. But we couldn’t figure out what the name was because of an extremely poor choice of font for the name. After a bit of digging, I’ve discovered it’s going to be Little Jo Berry, a local vegan coffee shop and bakery. Hopefully its sign isn’t reflective of its business plan. Although given the website’s state, I’m doubtful. When you launch a business website, buy the URL. Given your confusing signage, I don’t need to know that you used d9creative for your website.  Sigh.