Although our morning began with a spectacular sunrise and few clouds, it is Ireland. So by the time we arrived at Blarney Castle, the rain had joined us.

Fortunately Irish rain isn’t constant. The rain would peter to a mist, then the sun would break through for 15 minutes, then a 2-minute downpour, and then some cloud. Weathermen in Ireland have the easiest jobs!

My vertigo wasn’t bad waiting in line to kiss the Blarney stone. I didn’t actually kiss it but did assume the position for a pic (thank you NosyNeighbour).

The grounds are worth a walk especially when the rain stops.  We visited the fern garden and waterfall (small and man made but nice), then walked over to Blarney House.

While we were shopping in the Blarney Woolen Mills (where I finally bought my Aran yarn!) the rain returned. Of course the umbrellas were in the car.

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Next stop: Kilkenny