When we did our research about visiting the Aran Islands, I learned that a lot of people get motion sickness on the 40-minute ferry ride to Inis Mór. The port for the ferry is farther away and parking is not free. The airport is closer with free parking and wifi and early morning flights. So it was a no-brainer … the extra money would be worth it because we would beat the crowds to the island.

The Sunday morning drive to Connemara Aiport had more racing cyclists than cars. The country road was dotted with cute little stone thatch cottages.
We had no problem finding the airport but we did notice more Irish-only signs.

The Aer Arann Islands flight itself took about eight minutes. The Irish couple sitting ahead of us had visited the islands the previous summer but had taken the ferry. He’d had motion sickness and said it had spoiled his entire day. Hence, the flight this year.

From the aiport on the island, you paid to take a shuttle to the main town of Kilronan Village, from which we rented bicycles to explore. The agent was a Kiwi, who had somehow made it half way around the world to work on a small Irish island. The bikes don’t include helmets. It was a different experience, cycling with the wind running through your hair. There isn’t a lot of traffic because tourists can only fly in or take a pedestrian ferry.

Our stops included:

  • the Seven Churches
  • World Heritage Site ($$)
  • Tempall Bhreacáin, dating from the 8th century
  • Fótra
  • Cliffs of Moher

We finished off our day with a pint of Guinness at The Bar, where once the Italian tourists had left to catch their ferry, we listened to the locals speak Irish while they shared a pint.

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