We’d had a good time seeing my family in Devon. My cousin was somewhat surprised for her 40th birthday. We’d won over her children for a visit to Canada. We’d learned a new card game, Nine Card Brag, which is much more fun when played for money. But our time in England had come to an end.

My uncle got us to Exeter in under an hour. As we were getting close to the airport, he started to explain that he wouldn’t drop us off in front because the airport charges £1 for the privilege. He wasn’t alone. There was a queue before the gates. And taxis behind us weren’t impressed

This time no issues with flybe. In fact the flight attendant even offered to move one of our carry on to under an empty seat.

Back in Dublin, we rented a car through Enterprise. The experience was surreal.  They kept shaking our hands. (Aaaaaah! Get me the hand sanitizer!)

If you are renting a car in Ireland, it may be worthwhile enquiring about whether tolls are included in your contract. The €3.10 toll on the M50 ring road must be paid by 8pm the next day. Most people pay online, which is a bit problematic when you are using free wifi. We did learn that you can pay it as most gas stations.

We used my newly downloaded navigation app to get us to Galway. For some reason it didn’t know where our B&B was and directed us to a parking lot instead of College Road. We were looking at a run-down council house worried that our B&B was no more. NosyNeighbour went inside the nearby pub and got directions to the correct address (phew!).

The staff at the College Crescent B&B were very helpful. We were staying two nights so that we could take an early morning flight to the Aran Islands. They were able to accommodate our early departure with an early morning breakfast.

It was a 10 minute walk to the city centre. On the way we stopped at the tourist information, where we chatted with an Irishman who couldn’t say enough about Dingle.  We left armed with loads of maps and pamphlets and learned that it was the start of Heritage Ireland Week.

We explored the main shopping area, stopping for an icecream, despite the cool and soon-to-be-wet weather. The umbrellas came out, the hoods went up and we looked for interesting stores to go into. We did discover a largish indoor mall, where NosyNeighbour made his big purchase of the trip … a new full-size umbrella!

On our way back to the B&B, w20150822_174252e stopped at An Púcán. It was a bit early and we weren’t sure if we were ready for supper so we started with a tasty serving of their Trad Wedges. Then after a few pint, I had a goat cheese salad and NosyNeighbour had the Irish stew. Both were very tasty.


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