The next morning we woke up to a cloudy day. And soon the rain began, first as a mist, then progressing to a steady pitter patter. We had a tasty breakfast in the restaurant part of the pub, still smelling of yesterday’s beer. The cook was busy running back and forth bringing coffee and food to the other guests. There were three cyclists who didn’t seem keen on cycling in the rain.  We’ve been there, done that in Germany. It wasn’t fun. At least on the Romantic Road we had paths. They were sharing on narrow country lanes with camper vans and tour busses.

Through the beauty of our Ooma account, we had used the wi-fi to phone my uncle and aunt the evening before to arrange our pick up time. They would meet us at the London Inn (the only pub my uncle know in Padstow … so it must be good!) at 11:30. But we needed to check out by 10 a.m., so we set off for a walk in the rain.

We had passively looked for a tourist information office when we arrived on the ferry. We had seen signs but not found the building. So we walked back and forth along the pier until we finally looked on the water and found the tourist information office in the same building as the canoe club.

In search of something to pass the time, we bought a 50p pamphlet for a walk around town. We walked a bit on the coast path, past a memorial and then realized we weren’t following the trail at all.

Eventually we found our way to Prideaux Place, but it was closed. Other better dressed tourists were allowed early entry to the tearoom, but our hiking apparel was not good enough. The grounds did include a large field full of deer and other animals.

Because it was raining, we did pop into the Padstow Museum. I only do museums when it’s raining. And it’s even better when they’re free. The museum included information about May Day and Obby Oss. And we learned that some Padstow people emigrated to Canada.

Given the rainy weather, we were very glad that we added the extra hike on the first day. I don’t think I would have enjoyed walking along cliffs in the wind and rain, especially with no spectacular views!

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