Our second day of hiking was 20 km along the coast. The first part was a bit challenging, but nothing like the hike to Port Isaac. I think I was better prepared mentally. And it was another beautiful sunny day. Although the temperature was only 17 degrees, it did feel warmer. Perfect for hiking.

We passed a few beaches along the way. I was surprised just how far Brits will walk wearing flipflops and carrying everything they need for a day. I just couldn’t imagine Canadians doing that.

We stopped at Polzeath for an icecream. I remember catching a first glimpse of the beach. It seemed like it was a mile deep, and surfers had taken over one side of it. The number of people crammed onto the sand was amazing, each group carving out its own space with the use of windbreaks and umbrellas. Three icecream trucks were parked on the beach, offering icecream cones topped with Flakes and clotted cream.

From Polzeath, the hike turned into a much easier walk. The only challenge was walking across the second beach. There was no explanation about tides and we didn’t realize we could have walked along the sand all the way to the ferry from Rock to Padstow. We didn’t want the risk the tide coming into the estuary and getting stuck so we climbed along the sand dunes and up a small hill and then back onto the beach.

The ferry was blowing its whistle when we saw it. We ran to catch it and sat down opposite some very posh tourists. I apologized for my scruffy appearance and likely bad smell, explaining that we’d hiked from Port Isaac that day.

We were very happy to find the London Inn and our room for the evening. You haven’t experienced Cornwall until you’ve stayed above a pub.

Padstow itself has become very posh. Rick Stein is a well-known British chef from Padstow. He made it big and returned home to open a number of different eateries and accommodation. But we opted to have take out from Chip Ahoy. You know it’s good when there’s a line up! We were also given a tip that if we were eating by the pier (which we did) to close the box between bites so the seagulls didn’t grab our fish.

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