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I haven’t been blogging lately, but do have some news. But this post is about saving on groceries. It was prompted by NosyNeighbour’s comment at lunch. Somebody he knows at work asked why the blog didn’t have a link to Produce Depot.

I’ve since added the link under Flyers and thought I would share my philosophy about saving money on groceries. Keep in mind that I’m retired now so I have a bit of extra time. Three seasons of the year I use active transportation so the links for the flyers are all within an easy bike ride. I have a specific bike I use for groceries, with an old milk carton on the back, a clip on basket on the front and a backpack on my back. You tend to make healthier decisions when you arrive by bike. I also never buy meat unless it’s on sale.

Wednesday is the day that sales start at Produce Depot and Giant Tiger. But there’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve gotten a great deal on a product only to discover it’s cheaper somewhere else the next day. So I’ve started going to Smart Canucks to make my entire list on Wednesday. It has all the flyers usually by Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday is the day that sales start at Food Basics and Metro. While the prices might be a bit higher at Metro and it’s no longer 24 hours, I do like to support my closest grocery store. It’s where I go when there’s only one item I need, regardless of cost.

And while I hate to support big American chains that put small independent shops out of business, and use predatory pricing, I sometimes will go to the Walmart Supercentre on Baseline since I’ve discovered I don’t need to cycle on any major roads and can take the path almost all the way there. They don’t get a link for their flyer though, just on principle.

Friday is when the Real Canadian Superstore starts its sale. But we don’t call it that anymore. We call it Stupidstore. One of neighbours used this term a few months after it opened, and it’s stuck in our minds ever since. Here’s my side rant about the Stupidstore:

  • the staff aren’t helpful or polite
  • sale items are often not in stock
  • the produce is usually mangy
  • the entrance is overcrowded

Okay, I’ll stop there.

I sit down and write my list, then search recipes for the best deals. I’ve made key lime ice and lime doughnuts, which I never would have if it hadn’t been for a sale on limes. That week also saw lime chicken.

Then I work out how much I can fit on my bike and set off early the morning that the sale starts. Not only am I getting good deals, but I’m also getting exercise three days a week by splitting up my grocery shopping.

Happy shopping!


What a hot summer it’s been so far. With temperatures in the high 20s every day and feeling more like 40 with the humidity, I haven’t been walking a lot. Instead I like to cycle, albeit slowly, to at least get a breeze in my face.

A lot has been going on in the neighbourhood. Starting in Hintonburg and heading west, here’s what I’ve seen: Read the rest of this entry »


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