I’ve been trying to take short fast neighbourhood walks at least three times a week. It’s especially helpful when I’m working on the computer a lot. It gets the blood circulating.

On most of these walks I bring my smart phone so that I know when I’ve reached my 10,000 step goal. It also allows me to snap a few pics so that I remember what’s new in the hood.

Now, I finally have time to upload them. Or maybe it’s more like I’ve completely forgotten them. Anyways, it’s a mish-mash of Westfest and the edge of Hintonburg:

  • The Wellington Gastropub has been busy the past few weeks construction a covered patio. It’s looks like quality construction. And it may entice me to stop for a drink. I won’t go back to eat there ever. With reservations required and a rotating menu, it’s been a challenge for everyone to find something they like.
  • The Sofabed Store is coming soon to the newish commercial building in Westboro. Not sure if this is a second location in Ottawa or a move from its Bank Street location
  • The Silver Spoon location on Wellington Street has been leased. I first noticed a tiny LEASED sign and then a few days later the African Village banner was added to the porch.
  • Serendipity Books and Gifts (near Capital City Luggage) is having a closing out sale.
  • Bella Via Cafe has finally opened! We stopped in on our way back from an evening walk in the neighbourhood. They have a decent selection of gelato and the service was excellent!
  • We dropped by Westfest on the weekend. I can’t say I’m impressed with the new stage location. When we saw the set up during the day, we decided it wasn’t worth coming back in the evening.
  • The Westboro Beach Cafe is open again! It’s a nice break when you’re strolling along the river in the evening. And an even bigger bonus if you stumble across the free live entertainment on weekends.

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