Yesterday evening, NosyNeighbour and I walked to the Dollarama to pick up a few items. We saw lots of changes in the neighbourhood. Some we’d already read about, but some were new (at least to us). 

Wow, the Wellington Gastropub has a patio! It may entice me to stop for a local brew, but I can’t imagine ever eating there again. The menu is just too problematic. One week, you like an item, the next week it’s gone. And forget about a group going there for dinner with such a limited, changing menu. But maybe now a pint, in the late afternoon sun.

Tuesday’s Romance shop has closed. It’s unfortunate, because it was a more tasteful sex shop, in keeping with the neighbourhood. I guess it was hard to run a business that’s prone to ups and downs. Maybe they didn’t know the ins and outs? Maybe the business became soft. Okay, I’ll stop.

A few doors down, we were shocked to see a Moving sign at World of Maps. But they are staying in the area, just a few blocks down at Parkdale.

Yes, that’s right! Habitat Furniture is finally closing down. And we were busted again looking in the windows to see if there were any good deals. The old guy saw us, but we moved on before he could invite us in. Really, we were just tire kicking.

A few blocks down I was hoping to see some news at Bella Via. Unfortunately, after a brief flurry of activity inside, the windows are still papered up. C’mon! I want icecream!

I read about the next piece of gossip in the newspaper. Not the actual physical one, the verion on line. Burnt Butter has closed. It’s amazing they stayed open that long after a bad review and very little traffic on the nights we walked by. It’s too bad because I do like the post-fire building at that location. The signs were up indicating its replacement, Carben Food + Drink, is “coming soon.”

Heavens to Betsy closed on April 1st, and National Access Cannabis will be opening a centre there soon. Unless, of course, the mayor decides to crack down on them. If it does go ahead, I hope they leave the graffiti art on the side wall. I think stoners would like it.

The second bit of news that I read about in the newspaper was Hino being replaced by the Ministry of Coffee. I love the name, but I’m not sure how many coffee shops the neighbourhood can support. I’m not sure if this is a second location, but Elgin may have been a better location, being closer to all the silly servants downtown. They would appreciate the name a bit more. But what do I know? Maybe the ones living in the hood will go for it. It was busier than I expected on a Thursday evening.

People have started to move into the Eddy. As we were walking by, look up at the finishes, trying to decide whether we liked them, a young guy approached us to visit an open house in one of the units. Just as he was asking, I started to see cracks around the screws holding the siding onto the building, and lots of scratch marks. I’m  not sure how the funky modern look is going to hold up in our hostile weather environment. But the Eddy does have some interesting features. I’d love to check out its parking garage.

Iron North Fitness is moving into where the art gallery / coffee shop was almost at the O-Train. I wonder how long it will last?

Just as we were about to go into Giant Tiger, we could hear a lot of street noise. That’s when we noticed that Elmdale House now has a garage door window bank so you can see some of its clientele. I’m liking that corner more and more. Two pizza joints and an oyster bar.

And last, but not least, the local e-cigarette supplier has gone bust. The building (home to a hairdresser once upon a time) has been sold. Can’t wait to see what goes in there next.

And in case you didn’t know, the Silver Spoon has closed its location on Wellington West and returned to its former location on Carling just east of Maitland.

If you haven’t tried the great food at Pho Viet Taste, a newish restaurant near The Diner, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s family run, and has already survived an unexpected closing due to a water leak from above. Excellent Vietnamese!

Enjoy your long weekend!

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