With all our many trips to St-Anton, we’ve never driven over the mountains. Typically we drive southwest from Munich to avoid the crowds coming from Salzberg, etc. This time, we checked the weather forecast and went straight over from Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The views were incredible.

When we arrived in St-Anton, we checked the forecast again to see if any big storms were coming. Big dumpings mean high avalanche risk and lots of runs are closed while they do avalanche mitigation. Initially it looked like Tuesday could be a good day off to visit Innsbruck. So we decided to ski at Sölden on the Monday. It was on my bucket list because the next Bond movie was filmed there.

Sölden is known as a very connected resort. It has its own app that tracks your progress as you ski the Big 3. It tracks your speed and elevaton change, but it was a bit buggy. Wi-fi is everywhere. The resort is home to two glaciers connected by a tunnel. And it’s the first ski resort I’ve been to with a 6-storey parking garage.

We worked our way to most of the Bond locations on the hill. We didn’t see much of the town, but I gather it’s not as quaint as our St-Anton.

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