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A friend recently emailed me that the Mark’s store on Carling near Churchill was closing. Although the temperature was a bone chilling -27 (and felt like -39 with the wind), I decided to walk over to see if there were any deals to be had.

I didn’t see a single cyclist on the new Churchill bike path. It was nice and clear, but the plows could do a better job at the intersections.  My entire walk was a struggle between keeping my face warm or leaving on the sunglasses to protect my eyes.

When I arrived at the store, I was relieved to be out of the cold. I was also curious about why they were closing. There wasn’t much left in the store. They’d brought out all of their old stock from last summer I think. Eventually I found a few tops to try on and left with an Alfred Sung blouse for $10 including tax.

At the cash, I asked why they were leaving. I had noticed that the mattress store had also vacated its premises and my assumption was that Canadian Tire was expanding downstairs. NosyNeighbour didn’t agree with me.

In fact, it’s true that the Canadian Tire store is taking over the whole building. I hope that the bigger store will be able to absorb some of the employees loosing their jobs. I also hope that they don’t forget about pedestrians and cyclists entering from Carling Avenue. The last day for Mark’s is February 22. If you buy anything there, you get a coupon for the Huntclub store.



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