The next morning, I ate the blandest breakfast I could. Then I waited to see what would happen with my stomach. We waited until 11:00, and then I made the decision to cycle. I  brought a ziploc bag full of toilet paper, just in case, but managed to make it the whole way without needing it.

Altstadt in Regensburg

Altstadt in Regensburg

The path followed the Danube (or Donau as its known in Germany). Along the way, I was almost taken out by a fishing rod and I caused an accident with NosyNeighbour when I was looking up at a passing fighter jet and slammed on my brakes. It caused him to run into me and fall over. Thankfully there were no injuries and only one of his bags fell of the bike.

The next day in Regensburg, we visited the Apotheke and I finally got a remedy for what was ailing me. I managed to walk around the Altstadt a bit more. It’s actually much bigger than I had first thought, which explains why it’s a UNESCO world heritage site.

And so ended our Bayern Hopfen Radtour. We then headed off to the Black Forest for a night in Gengenbach and then to Freiburg, where I’m currently learning more German. A post about Freiburg will follow at some point.