When planning your cycling holiday, try to get a direct flight. If bringing folding bikes in your suitcase, do not say you are bringing a bike … it’s bike parts if you don’t want an extra charge. We flew direct to Frankfurt, then took a train to Regensburg.  We had pre-booked our tickets and were surprised how quickly our luggage arrived.we needed to transfer in Nuremberg, but it was quite easy. It can be hot and humid in Bavaria. Air conditioning is not common in Europe.

We stayed at the Ibis Regensburg City Hotel and were happy to have air conditioning, albeit non adjustable. It also has an outdoor terrace. And it’s an easy walk from the Hauptbahnhof,once you get your bearings and realize you have to go through the big shopping centre. But ask for a quiet room.

While NosyNeighbour assembled the bikes, I went back to the mall with my shopping list. Kaufland is a big grocery store that also sells a bit of everything. I also liked that it was centrally located and not in the industrial burbs.

We were having some issues fine tuning the bikes and I finally convinced NosyNeighbour to at least try the bike shop recommended by the woman at the front desk. It’s located right beside the Hauptbanhof and they rent bikes too. They fixed my bike for free on the spot, and squeezed in the NosyNeighbour’s bike for way less than it would have cost us back home.  Maybe it’s the sheer volume of bikes there.



With the bikes off the to-do list, we were able to explore the city a bit. We picked up a map of the city’s biergartens, and began our walk. On day one, we got through three: Goldene Ente, Weltenburger am Dom, and Kneitinger Keller. The last one was by far the best. It had the required large chestnut trees, a small river rock yard, Kinder play area, walls to contain it, and good food and bier. We even made friends with the old man at the table next to us.jh

The next day, we took a cruise down the Danube, or Donau as its known in Germany, to Walhalla, a temple commissioned by King Ludwig I to honour the dead. The exterior is based on the Parthenon, and it seems out of place when you see it perched on a hill beside the Danube.