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Have you got plaid? Not worn it in a while. Got a bike? Then head out on Sunday for Right Bike’s second annual Plaid Parade. And if you don’t have a bike, just wear plaid to the Carleton’s after party.

For more info go to Right Bike


On Sunday evening, the forecast was for showers all week. I hoped for them Monday night, when we had our class fieldtrip for night photography in the Byward Market. I hoped for them again yesterday so I wouldn’t be tempted to tidy up the garden and tweak my back again. But they still haven’t happened.

So, today I went for a walk to keep myself from looking at the rest of the work that needs to be done outside. I stopped at Rexall, then went to Giant Tiger. It was really cold when I set out so I tried to walk on the sunny side of the street. We’d walked downtown last weekend to “Oktoberfest” and noticed some wood framing being installed in front of Bethany House.  Well, neighbours, the signage is up …. Read the rest of this entry »

Munchen_41It’s October and Ottawans don’t seem to understand that Oktoberfest in Bavaria was over a few weeks ago. Instead, different breweries or business associations have been trying to convince Ottawa’s residents that they have the best Oktoberfest.

This past weekend, NosyNeighbour and I took part in two events: the Byward Market “Oktoberfest” and the Parkdale Market’s Brewery Market (the last one of the season). Ironically, we walked to the Byward Market on Saturday, but ended up cycling the much shorter distance to the Parkdale Market. Read the rest of this entry »

Because we didn’t bring a laptop, I wasn’t able to blog as we cycled. This post is based on notes I kept at the end of each day. I’m not going to include photos of the towns because you can find those on line. What I really wanted to know before we left was what the path looked like. I tried to take photos of it every day. The one photo I missed was the interlock tire tracks through a farmer’s field. It went on for a few kilometers and just seemed so out of place. If that’s what you want to know, scroll to the bottom of the post.

Day1: Arriving in Germany

We managed to pack up our suitcases and stay within our weight limits and fit all of our clothing and cycling gear into our wheeled carryon bags. Once we got to Frankfurt, we took the ICE (pronounced “ee-see-ay”) to Würzburg. It was a bit more expensive than a regional train, but very comfortable. You pay on the train and can use credit cards. All of the conductors spoke at least some English. Read the rest of this entry »

and she snapped a few pics

Training in the rain

In case you’re wondering why the blog has been quiet, I was away for a while. Then I had to sort through photos, get ready for new courses. All in all, life is busier now than when I was working. It’s also taken me a while to get my head around how I would write this post. We did a lot of research before we cycled the Romantic Road in Germany, and I wanted to bring something different.

There are lots of options to choose from. You can find lots of options for fully supported or partially supported bike tours of the Romantic Road. Most of these split it into two sections, north and south. Because we bought folding Dahon touring bikes, we were looking for fully independent cycling. Here are some links that might be helpful:

Both sites provide links to organized tours. The second one also provides a cycling map that you can download for your smart phone. The instructions are in German but fairly easy to figure out. Read the rest of this entry »


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