A lot of people stumble across my blog looking for Westboro movies on the beach. So for those people, here’s what’s up for 2013:

BOB FM is once again organizing free movies on the beach, and personally I think Westboro Beach has the best location. The hill up to the parkway provides ample seating, and you can buy yourself refreshments at Moe’s beach location. This year’s show will be on July 5 and feature Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I’m sure the beach will be full of Kinder so I’ll likely have to borrow one of  my neighbour’s Kinder to not seem out of place. I’d like to see this movie because I watched a show where they explained how the sound effects were done. The meatballs splatting on the ground were done with a wet sponge being slapped on a piece of wood (if I remember correctly).

In other neighbourhood news … we noticed on the weekend that the for sale sign at ProShine was gone. And then we saw the small sign in the window saying “CLOSED”. I would have posted earlier but we wanted to get verification from our city Councillor. And I have to say that our current one is much faster and more helpful with responses that our previous one. Here is an excerpt of the response:

It is our understanding that Mizrahi has closed on the property. Since the open house, Mizrahi have had extensive meetings with all area community associations and with residents living directly behind the proposal. Last Tuesday, we received the attached email from their representative saying that they will be taking June and July to come up with some design options and bring them to the community in August.

You can see my previous post about the first open house here.

I really hope that the parking garage exit is not located on Wellington. There are already too many hazards near an extremely busy intersection (Richmond and Island Park). At Carleton and Wellington, pedestrians and cyclists have to deal with drivers going to the Metro, coming out of the ugly new condo, the car wash and the not-quite-so-ugly-but-very-boring Piccadilly condo. Adding another entrance/exit, especially with Bella’s relocating to the new condo would make my neighbourhood experiences very unpleasant.

So look for a future blog post when I know where the traffic will go.