My last update was heading east to Hintonburg, and I promised to go west next time. I did, I just didn’t get around to posting the pics and updates until after I’d headed east again. Pics are at the bottom for those who don’t like words.

So I’ll start in the west first, but it would really be a later winter update.

  • Heathers, which was a consignment store, has now closed. The windows are papered up, with no sign of what’s going in next. The PostNet store in the same strip mall is also for lease. I suspect rents will or already have gone up since the whole strip is going to be re-faced. I wonder how long the Piggy Market will be there?
  • The newish Second Cup has new perpendicular sign that I haven’t noticed before. I like these types of signs because they’re meant for pedestrians who can’t see the signs 20 feet up the building as they walk along the sidewalk.
  • Belgian Chocolates is moving to Bells Corners.

Then today, on the second day of Spring, I headed down to the Dollarama in Hintonburg. It was really freakin cold. What a difference from last year when we wearing shorts and t-shirts and sitting outside on patios. But the sun was out and pineapples were on sale at GT. I’d left too early again and figured the Dollarama would just be opening if I kept walking.

  • The outside of the old building that houses Isobel’s, the Hintonburg Public House and Bridgehead looks to be complete. I can’t say I’m a fan of the corrugated metal facade, but at least it’s done. Bridgehead was first to install a sign, followed by Isobel’s, and then Cozy’s (although I’m not sure it’s called that anymore). I know they’ve got Mill Street on tap though!
  • At the corner of Wellington and Somerset, at the bottom of an office building is a flooring place called Carpet Sense. It’s moving to Colonnade Road. I think it may find there’s a bit more competition there, no?
  • Fabrications is a new sewing place that set up near Mint Hair. Now that I have my Ikea sewing machine, maybe I should venture in. I still have to figure out how to hem NosyNeighbour’s dress pants. And some new fabric for cushion covers could be in order too.
  • The Suya Spot is right beside Fabrications. Apparently “Suya” means: beef, chicken, or fish marinated in peanut oil then grilled. Will have to check this out in the summer. So much choice in the are now.
  • Where Carbon Computing used to be, I thought a fitness studio was opening. It turns out that while that could still be true, another sign was added. And in the window the store was already mostly stocked. The Victoria Pharmasave, just east of that corner, has moved into at least part of the former Bingo Hall.
  • On my way back, I realized that I’d seen a “now open” sign in a window at the GCTC. For the life of me I can’t remember what it was called before. I know it used to be in Westboro, then took over from Thyme and Again. But now the eatery in the lobby of the GCTC is called Le Michel Ange.  According to their web site:

As we searched for a local commercial site in Gatineau, a roaster of Ottawa made a totally unexpected offer: they invited us to set up our coffee shop-bistro in the roasting warehouse, the company nerve centre – an innovative idea imported from Germany: sip a coffee right where it is being prepared. What a great beginning for a small business. A year and a half later, we had the opportunity to move to the main lobby space of the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre, 1233 Wellington (corner of Holland).

Being first and foremost a cafe, Le Michel-Ange offers you snacks such as muffins, scones, squares and other decadents treats which are made in house or supplied by Yummy Cookies. In addition to this, a delicious Moroccan lunch buffet is offered to you, prepared by none other than Chez Fatima!

  • Progress continues on the former Collected Works location. The Flying Banzini has installed plywood at the front so I can no longer peak in. But you can check their site for updates. I liked this little nugget:

Weekly chef’s tables will begin shortly after opening. Invited guests will be selected from our Facebook page. If you are interested in testing new recipes or simply in an evening of good food and conversation (courtesy of The Flying Banzini), please like our Facebook page.

  • Next door, the Tin Soldier Market and Byward News (or wasn’t it supposed to be Wellington News?) looks a bit further along to an opening date.
  • And then, shockingly, Three Bakers and a Bike is gone. At first it was just closed for renovations. Now it will become Mr. Shawarma & Subs. Is this what we’ll be getting instead? I think he’s had too many shawarmas. And besides, we already have the Istanbouli restaurant over on Holland. And their food is awesome! No hot peppers for me please!
  • After my last post, a reader commented that Slaysh is moving from the Glebe into Renee Levesque’s old location.

Okay, so that’s enough of me rambling on. Here are the pics:

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