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My last update was heading east to Hintonburg, and I promised to go west next time. I did, I just didn’t get around to posting the pics and updates until after I’d headed east again. Pics are at the bottom for those who don’t like words.

So I’ll start in the west first, but it would really be a later winter update.

  • Heathers, which was a consignment store, has now closed. The windows are papered up, with no sign of what’s going in next. The PostNet store in the same strip mall is also for lease. I suspect rents will or already have gone up since the whole strip is going to be re-faced. I wonder how long the Piggy Market will be there?
  • The newish Second Cup has new perpendicular sign that I haven’t noticed before. I like these types of signs because they’re meant for pedestrians who can’t see the signs 20 feet up the building as they walk along the sidewalk.
  • Belgian Chocolates is moving to Bells Corners. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring was in the air today, which meant a walk around the hood for this no-longer-working woman. Oh, and my library books were due soon so I figured I’d head in that direction first.  This time I remembered to take pics with the phone and finally got the bluetooth transfer to work. So heading west to east, here are my updates:

  • Flowers Talk is moving to Orleans. No indication of when on the sign.
  • The former location of Renee Levesque has been leased. No indication of what’s moving in.
  • Lots of busy beavers in the future Wellington Mags / Toy Soldier Market(which is moving from its current Byward Market News location) and the future Flying Banzini. The dividing wall in the former Collected Works shop has been reinstalled, and the east wall of the future restaurant is now exposed brick. You can see more pics and read about the restaurant’s progress here.
  • Cambridge Design Gallery is closing its location on Wellington and is having a moving sale. I believe the sign said March 16 was the last day. Could it be higher rents in that building? I remember when Artistic Cake Design left for that reason.
  • The former FiNet computer/home security …. let’s face it I never really knew what it was but suspected it was a front for shady dealings … on Wellington just east on Holland is being converted into a medical clinic and pharmacy.

So I dropped off my library books and continued along. I was going to pop into Giant Tiger for some Frank’s Red Hot (on sale this week for $3!) Because well …. I put that shit on everything. But it wasn’t 9:00 yet so I continued on towards the Dollarama. Along the way I noticed: Read the rest of this entry »

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. After this morning’s walk, I’ve finally got enough to tell you about things going on in the hood.

alteriorsFirst up, Alteriors furniture store has moved. I first saw a sign saying they were going to move. Then I saw the furniture being moved out. Then we saw a mannequin in the window wearing ladies clothes. And today the windows were papered over, except for an intentionally cut out flap for nosy people like me. At the bottom of the window was the explanation for the mannequin:

March 21-24th Pop in to a temporary boutique created by locals Twiss & Weber. For more information use the QR code. And, keep your eyes on this space.

I couldn’t get the QR code to work. Maybe it it was too cold or I wasn’t getting the whole pic in the shot. Oh well. Will let you know what happens.

Heading to the far east of my morning walk, the Ging Sing restaurant has closed and has a big for lease sign in its window. It’s on the east side of the Somerset Bridge over the O-train on the north side of the road.

As I came out of GT, I noticed workers were busy inside the Elmdale. I suppose it won’t look much like a tavern when it reopens as an oyster bar. There are some restaurants that I probably won’t visit. Supply and Demand comes to mind because not much on the menu is cooked.

Furniture Habitat continues to have its retirement sale. The building is now for lease or sale. Initially it was just for lease.

Back in Wellington West, Polanco Furniture is holding its moving sale as it consolidates into one location near the Stupid Store. (Yes, that’s what I call it ever since a neighbour used the expression).



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