It snowed most of last night, but we could see the hill by morning. Still, we weren’t really in a rush because we knew the light would be flat. Instead, we ate a leisurely breakfast (still haven’t cooked the perfect soft-boiled egg yet!) and then did some surfing about ways to combat flat light while skiing.

The offered solutions included not skiing then, different types of goggles, following others down the hill, looking at other things around you, like trees, posts, etc. When we’d finally gotten enough suggestions, we double checked what lifts were open (since we’d been hearing avalanche control booms going off) and then set off for the bus stop around the corner.

We took the bus to the end station, where the Rendlbahn is located. It’s so much better with the new lift. You don’t have to take a rope tow up, then ski under the highway, climb back up, take off your skis to walk through the parking lot.  On the down side, you do have to make a couple of sharp turns to cross over the bridge over the highway on the way back.

The gondola to Rendl was busier than we’d seen any of the lfits. We were actually squeezed in with six other people, all German. At the top of the lift, visibility was really bad. And I was tempted to just do the runout and go back to St-Anton. But then the sun started to poke through the clouds so we did a blue run on the lower part of Rendl.

It was pretty good. I was using my prescription glasses inside my goggles and had pretty good definition. Until I stopped to adjust my glasses because the lense was touching my eyelashes on my left eye. Then everything got fogged up. We did the run again, and decided to do the skiout. It was pretty mogully in spots, but full of snow.

My challenge was every time I rested I fogged up. Then I would go through more moguls, rest and fog up. I couldn’t keep my goggles on, and when I finally hit flatter ground I would bomb it and get ice pellets hitting my eyeballs.

When got back to the other side, we took advantage of not having our skis on and found sheltered benches by the chairlift, where we sat to eat our bagged lunch. We order extra buns every morning and then make our own. I know, it’s cheap. I even bring a bunch of sandwich ziploc bags from home.

We did a couple of blue and some orange runs before calling it quits. On one of the runs you had to head into the wind and it was brutal. And at the bottom of the runs it was getting mild and rocks were starting to show through.

After a quick apres-ski drink at the Fang Haus, we caught the bus back to the apartment. We’d turned in our ski cards for the deposit, so there was no going back for a Rodelbahn run.

For supper, we walked up the street to the Rodel Stall. As always, the meal was excellent. It is a bit pricier, but the food is delicious and you can’t beat the atmosphere: an old converted barn. The restaurant is run by a family and we’ve seen the same faces each time we go.

This time I had the chicken salad (which I think I had last time) and NosyNeighbour had the scnhitzell. Unlike other restaurants, he got two pieces of schnitzel, fries and a salad. We shared an apfelstrudel for dessert, although I admit after he’d taken two bites I asked him if he’d had enough.

So that’s it. Ski holiday coming to an end. Just two more nights and hopefully we’ll be home safe and sound for Christmas.