When we woke up this morning, we couldn’t see the gondola. Not a good sign. NosyNeighbour also wondered whether he’d snored last night and decided to let me sleep for a while longer. It was a good call because the visibility really sucked this morning, but was much better in the afternoon.

We walked down to the grocery store in town to pick up a few supplies. Prices there are crazy though and the selection isn’t great. If you’ve got a car, it’s worth taking it to the one on the highway. We’ll definitely have to head back there soon with the car.

ImageWe were on the slopes just after noon. I’d had a really hard time with the liner in my gloves. I decided to ditch the extra pair of gloves since it really wasn’t that cold. But still, my left thumb kept getting caught up on something inside my glove that restricted my grasp.

We started off on a blue run to do the leg check. You know, the one where you wonder if your quads will work again so early in the season. Check, quads were felt. My shins were really sore from the banging they took on day one. The quads got used to working again, but I had to mess about with my boots a few times to try to relieve pressure on my shins.

We decided to stick to St-Anton again today because St-Christophe looked really socked in the clouds. And every time I looked down at the 1, which we’d have to take back, the little ants skiing down it could barely be seen. At the best it would be flat light, at the worst it would be foggy. I didn’t want either.

We skied from the top of Kappal a few times, taking the t-bar back up. It wasn’t as much fun as yesterday, when the guy was grooming it a few t-bars ahead of us. The second time down the run we took a right and continued down the run.

There was a lot of powder to be found today. And we knew there would be because I could hear blasting shortly after waking up.

In addition to our newly discovered run, we stopped at the Krazy Kanguruh. Not once, but twice. The first time was a photo op and the second time was just before happy hour was starting. We got to experience the disco balls turning and the lights blinking and the music pounding. It pounded the back of my seat so hard it was almost like having a back massage!

From there, we headed over to the Fang chair, and managed to ski through powder to avoid taking the t-bars. We had another apres-ski stop at the Fang House by the Nasserein gondola.

NosyNeighbour had gone down the stairs to check the bus time before we made the decision to have a second drink. I ordered a Radler and was admiring the nice Fohrenburger glass. It was tall and slender, unlike the one we had at home.

As we settled up the bill, I leaned over and asked the server, “How much for the glass?” He smiled and said he’d get me a clean one from inside. Woo-hoo! a free beer glass! Into NosyNeighbour’s backpack it went, and we were o ff for the bus. Only he’d misread the sign (was it the beer at the Krazy Kanguruh?) and we had to wait 15 minutes for it to show up.

I’m up to three beer glasses so far. I’ve got it all worked out how they’re getting home. Skiboots make the perfect shipping container. I’ve managed to get very thin Bitburger glasses home in the skiboots so I’m not worried.

For supper, we had pizza at San Antonio, just around the corner. We’d had to make reservations a few days ago. They really are a busy place. The back quarter of the restaurant was full with an extended family of Brits. In fact, I think there were more English-speaking people than German tonight.

Tomorrow our plan is to do the Weiss Ring, but starting in Zurs this time. I’d prefer to avoid lineups like we endured trying to start it in the “correct” spot.

And before I sign off, I just want to say: Texas, thanks for the pair!