It’s been a while since I’ve gone skiing. The last time was at St Anton am Arlberg and I was dealing with nosebleeds, which got worse at altitude. This time at St Anton I am trying to recuperate from back problems.

For the past week I’ve been taking naproxen and doing cobra stretches every two hours. And it seems to have paid off. Yesterday wasn’t a full day, but it was three and a half hours of non-stop skiing. And when I say non-stop, I mean there wasn’t a line up at any lift so you really were constantly moving.

The weather was changeable all day. We’d have brief burst of sunshine, followed by cloud and dull light, making it hard to differentiate moguls and some icy spots. Then the clouds would throw ice pellets in your face for 30 seconds, followed by snow. I think the exercise girdle I wore gave my back some extra support, wIhich was needed in the flat light when I hit a few bumps with my knees not quite bended enough.

Because I wasn’t sure how my back would hold up, we started on the Nasserien side of the resort, then gradually worked our way over to St-Christophe, then Raus. On one of the lifts, we met a German who said the best trip of his life was in Canada, driving a camper around Alberta and BC visiting the mountains and icefields. He wasn’t able to ski because of the timing, but he said it was amazing. It’s funny how when you’re used to seeing villages scattered about the mountains how you seek out complete wilderness. And we like seeing the villages because we’re so used to the wilderness.

This morning my quads are sore, my left calf muscle is tight, but my back is feeling okay so far. We’re going to take the day off because the snow and clouds are pretty thick outside. But I’m sure tomorrow we’ll be back on the slopes.

It feels good to be back.