This week we decided to try the new Fish House in Westboro. I have to admit I was doubtful after reading some awful reviews about the food. The reviews were accurate for the most part, and we won’t be going back.

While I recognize Ottawa is not by the ocean, if you’re going to call yourself a fish restaurant, you should offer choices of fish for the standard fish and chips plate. And your chips should be good. A few reviews said that theirs had arrived cold and uncooked in the middle. I agree with those reviews in that these fries taste like they’re frozen. Or they’re using the wrong type of potato. At least our was hot.

Another review mentioned that the coleslaw tasted like butter. Ours tasted like tuna. I kept poking at it looking for tuna meat, but couldn’t figure out what was giving it that weird taste.

The reviews were bang on about the biscuits that are served with the meal as well. Tiny, cold, hard biscuits were placed on our table, only one per person. For an $18 fish and chips (with only one piece of fish), I’d expect more.

But the biggest disappointment was the fish batter. While NosyNeighbour has a distinct preference for lightly battered fish, I like a nice tasty batter for a treat. The Fish House batter was bland, too thick and crusty and begged you to discard in your search for the real meal.

Now onto the positives:  Our waitress was efficient, albeit her way of taking orders was a bit odd. She constantly filled our water glasses and checked in to make sure we were enjoying the meal. The presentation of the meals was okay, but the special looked disgusting: salmon swimming in cream sauce with spinach floating around.

The draft beer selection was local, which is refreshing. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Big Rig beer (sorry Chris), but at least they have something different on offer. We stuck with the Kitchessippi beer.

Been there, done that, not going back.