My Walking Pool Buddy sent me an e-mail this morning with an update on what’s happening in the former Newbury Interiors location. She took her dog for a walk and went past the Domicile building across from the Clocktower in Westboro.

The new business is called Chez Francois. The paper is off the windows, but it was dark she wasn’t sure if it is open yet.  It is not a restaurant, although they have a few stools up to a coffee cake counter.  Possibly more in the back??  Otherwise it is retail…cooking and food stuffs…..their sub title is “delicies de Provence”  or something like that….copper cookware, vinegars, cruset, and Christmas fare.

I tried to track down a web site for Chez Francois but couldn’t find one. I did stumble across a tweet that says they opened on December 2. And I also discovered the first annual A Taste of Ottawa: Westboro Holiday Food Market

So far the following vendors are confirmed:

You can read more about it here.