There is still no rain (or snow) in the forecast, so I’m still cycling in. Every morning I check Clara’s tires before I attach the pannier bag in the garage. Once she’s loaded up, I stick my head out the side door and say goodbye to Wellington, who is tied up for his before breakfast breath of fresh air.

Then I mount my trusty steed Clara and push off down the driveway, testing the brakes before I get to the sidewalk, where the driveway slopes down to the road. I’m always amazed that the brakes still work and the tires still hold air. I keep thinking that Clara will let me down before the snow falls. I think she’s just like Clara Hughes, a fighter. And she’s determined to go down to the basement on a high.

Over the weekend I had found my green fleece skate warmers that I’d made years ago. When it came time to leave this morning, I could only find one. I contemplated just trying one on my left foot since the wind direction was going to be on that side. But then I reconsidered because I wasn’t sure if it would come off, get stuck around the pedal or in the chain and make me crash. I’ll try to remember to try it this evening when I get home.

Wind and chill together make for very cold feet, as I discovered this morning. It was coming from the northeast this morning, which meant I’d be pedalling into it. So if it was -8 without the wind and -13 with the wind, I kept wondering if I’m cycling 20 km/h into it, does that make it close to -20? Needless to say, I didn’t cycle very fast. In fact, I tried sneaking up behind a guy who was going my pace, but he’d speed up every time he realized I was behind him.

I still saw the older lady with her bomber jacket. Still no hat or helmet covering her head, but the scarf was new, well to me anyways. It looked like a pashmina wrap. Our eyes met again today, and we both smiled. Who will last longer?