I had a very interesting cycle home yesterday. I had left a bit later than anticipated so I called NosyNeighbour to see if he wanted to meet me along the path by Parkdale. Now that he’s starting work a half hour later, it makes it more challenging to meet up after work.

When I was waiting for the left turn arrow on Laurier to take me over the Chaudiere Bridge, a spandex-clad guy pulled up behind me. Typically cyclists use the left turn lane to go slightly left onto the bike path that runs on the opposite side of the street. But this cyclist followed me, so I decided to sprint along the bridge to get to my bike path on the other side of the river. He finally caught me on the slight uphill by the Domtar lights. Oh well, I’d blown the plan to cycle slowly.

My sprint meant that my arrival at the designated meeting bench by the Parkdale off ramp was a bit early. I kicked down the kickstand on the old clunker, and took a seat on the bench. I pulled the smartphone out of my pocket and checked the time. I was two minutes early, so I decided to start reading e-mails. Then I sent one to NosyNeighbour saying I’d arrived and asking him if he was leaving soon.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a car (yes that’s right) driving along the bike path heading west. As it passed, I realized it was a cop car. I looked up at the Parkway, and traffic was barely moving. So I thought maybe it was on its way to an accident. After it disappeared from view around the corner, I heard the blip-blip of a siren.

NosyNeighbour e-mailed back for me to meet him at home so I set off after the cop car. It was pulled over about 500m down the path with its lights on.

Usually I go left at the fork in the path to take the shorter route around the parking lot and the rapids. But yesterday I was curious so I followed the river, cycling slowly and looking back every now and then. The cop was down by the water.

I checked the news this morning. I didn’t hear anything about a body ….  but it did break up my usual monotonous cycling commute. But seriously, could they not have sent a cop on a bike? And if they are going to drive down the road, could they nail some of the spandex-clad speedsters?