I’m on a mission to ride into December this year. And now that I’ve rummaged through the basement to find all the appropriate clothing to help get me there, I’m ready!

This morning was much milder than I expected for the first day of October. While it was damp and still threatening rain, I decided to wear my sandals. That must be a first! I rounded out my outfit with my much-too-bit capri quick-dry pants, a merino wool golf shirt and my short yellow gortex rain jacket.

Once at my bike, I turned on my flashing red light at the back of my helmet and popped on one of the small flashing white lights I’d picked up. It helps to be seen but not to see. I suppose I’ll have to look for the big light and extra batteries in a few weeks.

As I cycled along the river pathway, my jacket hood flapped behind me sucking up the wind and holding me back. I should have tucked it in before I left. I tried a few times to tuck it in as I cycled, but the wind would grab the bit that wasn’t tucked in and pull it out again. At least the wind was mostly at my back, from the north west. When I joined up with the path at Parkdale, yellow and brown leaves blanketed the path tempting me to apply my brakes and wipe out. Thankfully, the path was empty and I took the corner without having to brake.

During my commute, I passed two joggers coming towards me and one cyclist heading downtown. Oh yeah, there was the asshole who passed me without calling out. Despite having my small mirror on my sunglasses, I couldn’t see him because my hood had ballooned up. JERK!

Fortunately, the Canada geese seem to have flown south. My $2 horn has fallen apart and is beyond repair. NosyNeighbour removed the last pieces of it from my old clunker on the weekend. Definitely worth the money to pick up another one next year.