I’m not one to follow any fashion rules. I believe you should dress to be comfortable for the weather and the activity. So I reluctantly brought my dressy sandals home last Friday, thinking that was the end of the summer weather. I had decided I could push the fashion boundaries because they’re black, so the wearing white after Labour Day wouldn’t apply.

This morning I thought I would take advantage of today’s weather forecast: sunny and a high of 25. It was still a cool 9 degrees when I left, so I opted for quick dry capri pants, with a merino wool golf shirt on top. Since I may want to go for a walk at lunch, I put on my sports sandals. After all, my toenails are still painted hot pink, so why not show them off at least on the way to work.

OMG!!! It was friggin cold. I felt it as soon as I went down the hill to Wellington. So I pedalled slowly towards Scott, wondering if I should take it to Parkdale instead of following the river pathway. I figured going through Tunney’s to the Parkdale on ramp to connect with the path would be a good compromise, in case I got stuck behind a school bus in Mechanisville.

It was even cold as soon as I got under Sir JAM. But the view as I looped back around the off ramp was well worth it. In fact if I hadn’t been a bit late leaving I would have stopped to take a picture. The water temperature was much warmer than the air temperature and it almost looked like hot springs in New Zealand. Except my fingers and toes were numb. The sun was rising just above downtown, which was just a silhouette behind the fog. After I passed the traffic lights on the parkway, the fog had disappeared, like I had cycled around it.

From there, I decided to just pedal like crazy to try to get warm. It didn’t work. Other than a small bead of sweat that dripped off my nose as I locked my bike, the rest of my body was chilled.

It’s definitely the last day of cycling in sandals.