Yesterday I had to take the bus home. I was going to take the 96, but saw the  8 when I got out of the building and wasn’t sure if I’d missed the 96 so I hopped on.

It filled up quickly at the next stop. And while we sat at the stop, already full, I saw another bus pull past us. It was the 96. It loaded, then left. And still we sat there. So I pulled out my smart phone and checked the bus app to see if I could make the 16 at Alberta and Booth.  The app said I had 8 minutes, which should have been plenty of time.

When I got off at Lebreton, about 50 people were lined up in the rain waiting for buses along the Transitway. I didn’t want to get sprayed by all the buses I couldn’t take, so I decided to walk to the 16 bus stop so that I wouldn’t have to transfer twice.

And I waited, and I waited. Finally a bus appears on Albert that doesn’t turn down the Transitway. But then it turned down Albert to head east on the Transitway. It must have been an express bus. Then another bus does the same thing. Finally I see a bus and it continues all the way to my stop. But it’s an 85. The three other people waiting with me get on board and it pulls away. I check the bus stop to make sure the 16 route still stops there. Yes, it does. And then I check the schedule. It should be 2 minutes behind the 85.

And I waited and I waited. Then another 85 pulls up and another. When the third 85 pulls up I ask the bus driver what’s happening with the 16. Instead of saying that he’ll call in to base to see what’s up, he says, “If the number is on the stop, it still comes here,”  and then slams the bus doors shut.

Looking down at my transfer, I wonder if I’ll even get all the way home before it expires. It’s now really raining and the number of people waiting at the Transitway remains constant. Do I risk walking back only to be sprayed by Quebeckers racing down Booth? Or do I wait for the 16?

I decided to be stubborn. How long could it possibly take, right? I waited almost 50 minutes. So that’s three buses that never showed up. I got home 90 minutes after I left work. It only takes me 50 minutes to walk it and 10 – 20 minutes to cycle it. And 90 minutes by bus?

OC Transpo … you’re bus-ted. I’m not going to rely on you again for my commute. Back on the clunker it is!