This morning as I browsed news stories on the Ottawa Citizen’s site, a strange message came up:


Thank you for visiting – your best source for news and information. We are pleased to provide 10 free articles every 30 days to all digital readers You have two free articles remaining for this 30-day period.

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If you are not a print edition subscriber, subscribe today for only $0.99 for your first 30 days ($9.95 for every 30 days thereafter,plusapplicable taxes) to receive unlimited digital access to and the Ottawa Citizen apps for smartphones and tablets – anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Are they off their rockers? Have they been eating too many hotdogs at Ikea? Are they high on nitrates? Just because the New York Times did it successfully, does not mean readers/surfers will do the same.

Free local news is available in multiple formats. Why would I pay to look at news articles that are freely available in other publications on-line? Why are you proposing this at the same time that government workers are losing their jobs?

My blog links have now been updated to demonstrate my displeasure at being forced to pay for something that should be free. If you told me that I would never have to look at another ad, maybe I would consider it.

Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!