This time it wasn’t the smoke detector at 4:00 a.m. It was construction workers at St. George’s Church backing up – beep, beep, beep – then scraping the pavement to load up dump trucks.

I had thought you had to stop construction work at 7 p.m., but apparently it’s 10 p.m. Even Ashcroft, one of Ottawa’s most hated developers, doesn’t continue working past 7 p.m. So it was incredibly frustrating to learn that because it was a first offence at this location, they could continue all night if they wanted. By-Law was not going to send an officer to shut them down. Instead, some bureaucrat would eventually get around to sending them a form letter warning them not to do it again. And clearly this company knew this, because they continued making noise well after 11 p.m.

All the NIMBYs in the neighbourhood had no problem picking on Ashcroft when they bought the convent, but why weren’t they badmouthing the nuns who sold it for a huge gain. You know, the ones that don’t pay taxes because they’re a religious organization. After all, the nuns could have donated it to the city as a gift for the community that they lived in for so long.

And let’s not forget the NIMBYs cried foul when they saw the design for the site because it would block the view of the convent. That’s right, the convent that nobody could see because there was a huge wall around it. Then when Ashcroft said the walls needed to come down for safety reasons, the message suddenly changed to “you can’t tear down my wall!” Well I’d like the NIMBYs to criticize the church and its contractors for knowingly working more than an hour past the time allowed by by-law.

Which leads me to question why we assume that developers are the only ones who bend and break the rules? I only need to look across the street and listen to the noise last night, a night where I should have been able to sleep with the windows open but was forced to turn on the A/C to block out the noise.

Come on St. George, be a better neighbour!