After listening to the debate between the neighbours about the best cheap breakfast within walking distance, we decided to stay in this morning and have more of my homemade muffins, some yogurt, a banana, juice and coffee.

Our Frommer’s book guided us around Beacon Hill. It is on a hill, but nothing like San Francisco. We did discover old gas lanterns, including ones with emergency pulls for fire alarms on Mount Vernon Street, At the small Louisburg Square, we saw two hidden statues and the corner house where Senator John Kerry lives with his wife.  I almost fell numerous times on Acorn Street, an old cobblestone back alley with beautiful flowers cascading out of window boxes. Independent shop  and cafes with clever names filled both sides of Charles Street. With our Beacon Hill walk completed, we needed to find out way to the next wall: the North End.

On our way to the North end we found another water feature to cool off our feet. Today has been another muggy hot day and the cool water was welcomed by my feet. The North End is home to Paul Revere’s house, we didn’t pay to go in. There is also a mall named after him.  Old North Church was interesting, with its boxes for parishioners instead of pews. Apparently this goes back to when people would bring their own heaters to church (red hot embers) and stick the box under the eat to keep their box warm. The church made a conscious decision to leave these intact. From there we walked up the hill to see Copp’s Hill Burying Ground.

We were both getting hungry by then, so I suggested we go for pizza at Pizzeria Regina, a recommendation from a fellow blogger who is originally from Boston. It also happens to be the number one pizza joint in town. It’s included in Frommers and just about every tour book I saw waiting patrons holding. We shared a 16 inch Hawaiian type pizza. It was #30 on the menu, but I don’t remember its name. Absolutely stuffed, we left the restaurant and were shocked to see the ground was wet. At first we thought street sweepers had passed by, but the cars were wet and the canopies were dripping. Perfect timing for a rainshower! Unfortunately, it was no cooler than before.

We continued down Thacher to North Washington and followed the harbour shoreline back toward the Aquarium. Along the way we discovered a local Italian festival, St. Agrippina di Mineo. Streets were closed off for food vendors, carnival games and raffles. We browsed through watching people put money down to shoot, throw or aim to win anything from behind the counter.

Then, returning to the water, we followed the Harborfront walk back towards the aquarium. The Marriot Hotel offered big comfy seats in an air conditioned setting that helped get us refreshed after the oppresive heat. After 20 minutes or so, we decided to take the T line back to our lodging to rest our feet before tonight’s walk.  We took the blue line to the green line then on to the red. It was surreal on the green line for the one stop. It’s an underground streetcar with 90 degree turns between stops. And it was packed, which really surprised me on a Sunday afternoon. My face must have been showing my amazement because a guy said to me, “You’re not from around here, are you?”

After a foot break, we’ll head back in to town for our Boston by Foot – The Dark Side tour. Should be interesting.