I can’t believe I forgot to mention this addition to the hood. Technically Trailer Pork Boys is not part of the Wellington Village area, but it is walkable. An acquaintance told me that her husband was one of the founders opening it, and I meant to give it a plug here the weekend they were opening. That was a few weeks ago.

So this evening we decided to check it out for supper. I’d found the menu on line, actually a photo on facebook of the chalkboard in front of the truck. And right away I knew I wanted the schnitzel. Like other comments in foodie land, I was impressed with the prices: $7 for a sandwich or $11 with a drink, fries, and coleslaw.

But the experience didn’t start well. In fact, had it not been for the connection through my acquaintance, I probably would have walked away.

Let me explain. We showed up and a few people were hanging around the truck waiting for their order. We approached the window that said “open” and had the menu board. Someone was cleaning ketchup bottles (a good sign, right?) and another guy was in the back. A third guy arrived from outside. And not one person acknowledged our presence. No hello, no “I’ll be right with you.”

Twice we said, “Hello?” and NosyNeighbour wanted to leave right then. But I pointed out it’s still a bit new, and it’s had some good reviews. So we stayed. Everything was “no problem” from there.

I really enjoyed my schnitzel and the bite I had of NosyNeighbour’s pulled pork. The fries were good, definitely better than the Hintonburger’s. I liked the coleslaw, but it is a creamy version. NosyNeighbour’s not a fan of that. And besides, he’d already had a dollop on top of his sandwich.

Overall, I thought the food was tasty and good value for money. The service still needs some work, and maybe some signage to tell you which window to go to. This blogger gives them a thumbs up, despite the initial bad taste.