The inflatable screen is ready.

We were supposed to walk over to Westboro Beach with our camp chairs. But with a heat warning in effect, we decided to cycle over on our clunkers. I’d made microwave popcorn and packed up four cans of gingerale and some water into a cooler bag. We were all set to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II.

The weather was perfect, hot but no rain in the forecast. Kids were still swimming until the sun finally set. On the patio, a live band (Maria Hawkins) was playing until the movie was ready to start. Camp chairs and blankets started to fill the beach.

NosyNeighbour settles into his camp chair

And finally it was time for the movie to start. As in past years, BOB FM started off with the old drive-in movie intro.  If you’re old enough, you may remember the singing hot dog and the popcorn bags that sing and dance, “Let’s all go to the Lobby, let’s all go to the lobby …” All of a sudden I smelled smoke. Yes, in a sea of kids, one parent was puffing away on a cigarette. The parent beside me was astounded too. We discussed yelling “put it out” but in the end I decided to go up to the radio personalities and ask them to make an announcement reminding people that there’s no smoking on city property. The applause after his announcement embarrassed the woman into butting out and not lighting up again.

Crowd shot behind Gozzygirl

Unlike last year, we didn’t have to pack up our chairs and run for cover. The movie was okay, but then I’m not a really big Harry Potter fan. It was fun listening to the kids cheer when evil villains died. But for enjoyment, I’d say the movie Cars was way better.

Looking forward to it again next year.