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Today I decided to mix it up. Instead of cycling out to the Aylmer Marina and back, or downtown via the Ottawa River Pathway then back along the canal and through the farm, we decided to do the Big Loop.

We started it by Island Park and the Ottawa River, which looks shallower and narrower every time I see it. The path was in good shape for the whole route. And the hill on the east side of Maitland wasn’t nearly as steep or long as I remembered it being the last time I cycled it about five or six years ago.

We strayed off the route a bit near the end of the path along the Rideau River. The path stops and dumps you onto a road, and you follow bike route signs to get back on. But I thought the continuation of the path was going to take us behind old city hall, so we returned to the road (Stanley) until we almost reached Sussex and saw a path running parallel to us. There were some beautiful old houses along the road, so it was definitely a worthwhile detour. Read the rest of this entry »


I can’t believe I forgot to mention this addition to the hood. Technically Trailer Pork Boys is not part of the Wellington Village area, but it is walkable. An acquaintance told me that her husband was one of the founders opening it, and I meant to give it a plug here the weekend they were opening. That was a few weeks ago. Read the rest of this entry »

I don’t like to brag, but something unusual happened last week and I’m torn about what to do … celebrate or rethink posting about frugal topics. Until last week, the most views this blog had had in one day was the day I posted that Jason Spezza was moving into the hood.  But last week that changed with Movies on the Beach and the Muppets.

This blog is supposed to be about childfree living in the neighbourhood and the stuff we get up to in the hood and beyond.  It’s doubtful that any of the 512 people that landed on that post last Friday will come back because I’m guessing at least 500 of them have kids. But maybe some of them will learn something about using their BUVs on the sidewalk when it’s busy on the weekend.

In the end we decided not to go to the beach. I think it was the high number of hits got me thinking about how many kids would be running around on the beach. Safer bet to stay home and sit on the back deck and have a drink.

For those cyclists who follow my blog, or have stumbled across it searching for something else, you know that lately I’ve been frustrated with spandex-clad guys who zoom past me on the path without calling out. In one morning almost a dozen of them passed me without ringing a bell or calling out. They overtook on blind corners, doing about 40 km/h. Four people, including myself, were run off the path. No apologies from any of them.

So  made a bib, reminding them to ring their bells. In the process I met some nice spandex-clad guys who experienced the same problem with them. So it wasn’t just because I was on the old clunker.

On the weekend, on our folding touring bikes, it happened again on the bike path on the Quebec side going out to the Aylmer Marina and back. Even if you don’t have a bell because it adds drag, you do have a voice. It takes less only a few seconds to call out “on your left” and won’t affect your breathing THAT much! And besides, on the weekend at midday a lot of families were out. I hate to think about the scares some of them had with the speed these guys were going on the path. Read the rest of this entry »

Our cat Wellington is now a teenager. Gone is the little kitten that could climb the lilac bushes in the backyard without snapping off a small branch. His cat harness is long past its prime and we’ve been looking for a replacement for quite some time.

We’ve tried the pet store in Hintonburg, Pet Value, and Petsmart, but to no avail. Nobody seems to stock the figure eight style of harness. We like this one because it’s much easier and faster to put on and take off. Wellington also likes poking his nose through the neck loop. And before you say he’s more likely to strangle himself, there is a plastic piece that holds the neck loop in place. Read the rest of this entry »

I had a very productive weekend. It was too stinkin’ hot to go for a cycle out to an outlying pub on Saturday. And Sunday morning we woke up later than anticipated which meant no ride in the Gatineau Park. As it turns out, there was a race going on in the park, and we’ve been there done that.

Based on the feedback on facebook and this blog, I decided to go with this version: Read the rest of this entry »

Okay, enough is enough. This morning I thought I was having a great morning. No red lights all the way down Scott and even crossing the ORP. I get onto the river pathway and the cycling and pedestrian traffic is light.

As I pass by the Bluesfest stages, I see  a slower cyclist ahead. I check my glasses mirror to see if anyone is behind me. I don’t see anyone so I ring my bell to alert the cyclist ahead that I’m approaching. I check again to see if anyone is behind me, then signal and move into the left lane. I ring my bell again as I start to pass the back part of her bike.
Suddenly, spandex boy has quietly sneaked up beside me. Not a word. So I look at him and say, “It would have been nice if you could have called out that you were there.” Nothing. He keeps going passed me. I blurt out, “ASSHOLE!” And to prove that he really is an asshole, and not just to cyclists but also to cars, he plays frogger at the War Museum on a red light.

I was so miffed. And then I thought of my revenge. I am going to make bibs with various messages for the spandex jerks. Originally I was going to use t-shirt transfers and buy a bunch of t-shirts. But I think I’ll make bibs instead. Then I don’t have to wash them as often and I won’t need to wear the the message once I reach my destination. So, here are the options I’m thinking about: Read the rest of this entry »

I’ll start by stating that I have spandex cycling shorts. They’re not very flattering, unless I wear the ones that have a built in skirt. I get that they’re more aerodynamic and comfortable. I’m not averse to them.

I don’t have a very far commute to work so I never wear cycling shorts unless I’m going for a long ride right after work.  Most mornings I ride along Scott to Parkdale then zigzag to the roundabout and cross the ORP to get to the river pathway. This is the fastest, but not necessarily the most enjoyable route. Read the rest of this entry »

Woo-hoo! We must have been such an awesome audience, BOB FM has decided to hold its next Movies on the Beach at Westboro Beach on July 20, 2012. This time the movie will be:

The Muppets

So bring a lawn chair, bug spray, popcorn and something to drink. Or arrive early and enjoy the entertainment on the patio.

Another hot weekend in the capital, and another cycling destination, this time going west. The last time we headed to the Old Mill pub in Ashton was two years ago, and about a week before they became a brew pub. In fact, I think they were brewing the beer and it was going to be ready for consumption a week later.

I don’t know why I thought it was an hour’s cycle. Maybe it’s because it had been two years. We set off just after 11 on Saturday morning. It was hot, not to muggy, with just a slight westerly breeze. My old logic was going to pay off: cycle into the wind, eat & drink, and then let the wind push you home.  That was the plan. Read the rest of this entry »


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