I haven’t written a post about my commute to work in a while. I suppose it’s been rather uneventful. That changed this morning.

Yesterday was like October, and today was like September. Dark clouds greeted me this morning, so I checked the radar to see if the rain was finished.

I decided to ride my horse today. The old steed only had a short ride yesterday and was itching for a good run.

Since the wind was in my face, I decided to take Scott instead of the river pathway. I rode along the bike lane, heading east. As I was approaching Scott and Gilchrist, I noticed an 18-wheeler at Ross. I continued on my steed, wearing my new hot pink Ladies Equine JacketMac in a sac .

Suddenly the 18-wheeler was crossing Scott, right in my path! I had to come to an immediate stop, something my steed did not want to do after such a long rest. I flipped the driver the bird, releasing some tension. Then we continued on.

The interruption to my ride forced me to just miss the lights at the Parkway. I took the law into my own hands and crossed with my steed against the lights. We pressed on, passing by the stages being built for Bluesfest. It’s not really Bluesfest anymore though, is it? It’s more like electricfest this year.

The rest of my ride was uneventful. And since the rain is supposed to be a distant memory this afternoon, I will ride my clunker home. The “steed” has been rolled up and put in its sac, ready for another potentially rainy day.

But seriously, I felt like a cowgirl this morning, riding a horse to work. But really, it was just the old clunker. It’s amazing what that Mac in a sac did to my imagination.