NosyNeighbour had business in Halifax two Fridays ago, and we decided to turn it into a test for traveling with our folding Dahon bikes. We only had a few days to figure out where we would cycle, book a B&B, get me on the same flight and book a hotel in Halifax.

We flew Porter direct from Ottawa to Halifax. It’s such a pleasant surprise after the crappy service with Air Canada. The flight attendants remind me of Pan Am (the TV show, not the airline … I wasn’t around back then!). The only thing they’re missing is the the white gloves. You do have to get over “skychecking” your wheeled carry ons, but most Air Canada short hauls have this as well. And, I suppose if you’re really tall, mind your head when standing up inside the plane.

The weekend before we left, NosyNeighbour disassembled, then reassembled our bikes several times. While a lot of the components are shared, they’re not exactly alike, and he needed to figure just how far down the disassembly road to go. Each folding bike fit inside its Samsonite suitcase and arrived unscathed.

I spent the day roaming around Halifax. It’s been a while since I’d been there. First, I visited the hotel business area to print some maps I’d forgotten to bring. I didn’t hear NosyNeighbour say to print the map to the B&B. Instead, I focused on the bike maps. Despite the construction going at the Delta Barrington, I would definitely stay there again. The service was excellent. I was helped by no fewer than a dozen very helpful staff.

Then I walked down to the harbour and picked up my free walking tour map. That took me along the waterfront to Pier 21, where I discovered a farmer’s market and a totally delicious cornish pastie. Then I walked back to the Historic Properties and stopped by the hotel to bring the luggage down. All along the boardwalk, I found free wi-fi. That’s definitely new!

Then I continued my walking tour, taking a detour to explore the Public Gardens. I discovered the biggest rhodedendrom I’ve ever seen. Kids were actually inside it while a woman to my photo.

Finally, NosyNeighbour was finished work, and we set off in our rental car for Wolfville. Our B&B, Blue Shutters, was three quarters of the way up a very steep hill, one that reminded me of Baldwin Avenue in Dunedin, NZ.

Saturday morning we had a lovely home cooked breakfast, then set off for Grand Pre, along the dikes, with a quick stop in Evangeline Beach. We were able to sneak in the back way to the National Historic Site and walk our bikes through for a quick peak. Then we went back through Wolfville, where NosyNeighbour climbed the hill to get the other two bottles of energy drinks, while I waited at the visitor centre.

The visitor’s centre had a map of the route recommended by our hosts. It would take us along back roads towards Blomidon. There was only one gravel road, which we could have avoided with a slightly longer route. We made it past the town of Blomidon, but not quite all the way to the park. When I pointed out to NosyNeighbour that there was no food at the park, and we’d only brought an apple and chocolate bar each, he agreed to turn around when I suggested it by a small community centre.

Our total cycling trip was about 75km. We capped it off with a pint on the patio at Paddy’s Pub in Wolfville. I’d like to say that’s the reason I couldn’t climb the steep hill back to the B&B. Or maybe it’s the folding bike is harder to pedal when you need to rock from side to side in a climb?

Our drive to Digby for a fresh scallop supper also gave us a treat. A free fair was taking place by the dock, including a decent band which started just as we were finishing our food. On the drive back to Wolfville, my legs felt really hot. I looked down at my legs, then NosyNeighbour’s and discovered the dreaded bike short tan line. Only it wasn’t really a tan yet. Wish I’d remembered to apply sunscreen. (Ooops!)

On Sunday we drove to the start of the path to Cape Split. We weren’t able to hike it because we were meeting a friend in Windsor for a late lunch. But so much more to see and do in Nova Scotia … that’s for sure!

You can see pics here