I like weekends that are so busy and fun that I don’t have time to blog. Except now that it’s time to blog, I find myself having a hard time remembering what I was thinking about when I said “I should blog about that!”

On Saturday, NosyNeighbour and I strolled over to Westfest during the day. The crowds were lighter than I had anticipated with the great weather. But maybe people were busy up at their cottages or cooling off in their backyard pools. After all, Westboro is an affluent neighbourhood.

Clearly the Superstore expected outsiders to visit because signs had been erected all over its parking lot informing drivers that after two (or was it three?) hours their cars would be towed. The entrance to the main stage had also changed and was a great improvement. It meant a slight longer walk for us getting in, but they had multiple exits so leaving wasn’t a hassle.

We saw Liam Titcomb on Saturday night. He was pretty good. We figured arrive a bit early and check out a new band while waiting for the main act, Steven Page. By the time Page came on, we were sitting at the tables set up by the eastern beer tent. The sound there was horrible. We heard the band better from our backyard than we did from inside the stage area. And other than his BNL songs, I wasn’t really impressed. How far they’ve fallen…

On our walk around Westboro, we did our part to support local businesses, and picked up a couple of candle holders from the Village Quire. We also bought a couple of beers to support our local brewpub, the Clocktower.

On our way home, we noticed that the garage on the southwest corner of Island Park and Richmond is now called RPM Motorworks. And if you walk down Leighton Terrace, you can get a really good view of the progress of Ashcroft’s development. Oh Q! the excitement!

On Sunday, we took our folding bikes up to the Champlain Lookout again. This time, I have proof of our conquest. And on our second visit this year, we thankfully were not part of an active road race.

That doesn’t mean that spandex-clad cyclists weren’t passing us in packs. It just means they weren’t going as fast, and a fat francophone woman wasn’t yelling at me before they arrived.

Our ride was hot, especially going uphill in the sunny spots. Strangely, the downhill sections of the climbs always seem longer on your descent. But at least you know they don’t last forever, like it felt on the last climb before the Fortune Parkway.

When we arrived back at the house, I was cursing the Superstore for not having had any of the sale watermelons on Friday night. This weather begs for watermelons: sweet, juicy and full of water.

NosyNeighbour spent a good chunk of the weekend weeding. And guess what? When you leave it for a month, it takes a long time to catch up. On the positive side, we have new flowers. I think we’d been pulling them thinking they were weeds in past years. This year, we’ve discovered Canterbury Bells and what looks like Baby’s Breath white little flowers. Our big news is that we seem to have kiwifruit on our kiwi vines. And it’s only their second year in the garden! And so the garden grows and grows.