Today was a planned not cycling day so that I can walk home after work with my “walking pool” buddy. We haven’t walked together in a while because either she’s brought the car or I’ve been on my bike. So today we said that rain or shine we’d meet up. We plan to stop in at the new Dollarama on our way home. Let’s hope we time it with the forecasted thunderstorms.

My morning commute started with perfect timing on Scott for one of the local buses that goes to Tunney’s. It wasn’t crowded and it was air conditioned. The bus driver also didn’t question my bus tickets from 2009.

At Tunney’s I walked the overpass to get to the lower level heading east. On the way through I was handed a free Metro News, a free National Post, and a pamphlet explaining how to get my free Presto card. Wow, where’s the free coffee I wondered.

I walked down the steps and a bus arrived immediately. I boarded through the back door to a rush of cool air against my face. Yes, another air conditioned bus!

It took me to Lebreton Flats, where two buses were at the stop heading north to Hull. Would I make it across the street to get on one of them? Yes, I made it to the second one. But not before my regular buddy handed me my free 24 Hours newspaper. The third bus in less than 5 minutes was also air conditioned and not crowded, although I did have to share a seat.

Made it to work from door to desk in 20 minutes. Hmmm, maybe I should by a lotto ticket today.