This morning I decided to take the Dahon to work. It’s supposed to be really sunny and hot so I thought I’d do an extra ride on the way home. Althought I really appreciate the repairs NosyNeighbour completed on the old clunker, sometimes it’s just nice to clip in and go.

So I transferred everything from the pannier bag to the backpack to make it easier to fold up and carry into my office building. I rode up maybe a bit too close to the door. Because … guy sitting inside the building offices sees me through the window and comes running out his door into the lobby area. Here was the conversation:

Guy: You can’t bring your bike in here.

Me: It’s a folding bike.

Guy: I don’t care. You can’t bring your bike in here.

Me: Well I didn’t bring a lock.

Guy (scratching his head, not sure what to do): Oh.

Me (starting to fold it up): Next time I’ll bring a lock.

Guy: Okay, just this time.

Me: Next time I’ll bring the cover and walk it in. You’ll never know it’s a bike.

I should have been prepared for this exchange. Next time, I’ll ask him to focus on all the smokers that crowd the doors in the non-smoking areas doing UNHEALTHY things, instead of someone who is doing something HEALTHY.

What a jerk.