I say “tiptoeing” but really it was more like “shuffling with all the other visitors” past the tulips. We’d already stopped to see them once but thought we’d try again with the warmer weather.

Our goal wasn’t to go for a long ride, so we made our way through the farm, pausing for a few moments at the Ornamental Gardens at the Experimental Farm. From there, we tried to make our way around the traffic circle, but cars were backed up in the middle of it because tulip tourists were everywhere around Dow’s Lake.

I made it to the middle of the circle, but got stuck in the left turn lane. As I was trying to figure out how to get to the right of the traffic, some vintage planes flew overhead. They go so slowly I had time to stop, get out of traffic, get the camera out and focus. Okay, the pics aren’t great, but it’s easier than when the snowbirds fly by.

We ended up crossing at the lights halfway down the hill to visit the small fair that was set up in the green space beside the government buildings. It was meant for kids, and since we don’t have any we didn’t stay long. A small colourful Ferris wheel turned, a merry-go-round rotated and pumped out music that always makes me think of pedophiles lurking where kids hang out. (Maybe I watch too much Law and Order?) I could have ridden the bumper cars, which is where the older kids were enjoying themselves, but the driving space was pretty small, and we hadn’t brought our locks.

Getting through Commissioner’s Park was slow going. Many of the tulips had dried up, so the beds with living breathing flowers were crowded. Lots of visitors took advantage of the stone paths jutting into the flower beds. I don’t remember those from years ago. I suppose the NCC finally figured out people will walk in for a photo op so you might as well build them something so the flowers don’t get crushed.

After I’d taken photos of all the flowers I could, we headed towards Preston Street. NosyNeighbour had wanted to see what was happening at the stage on the northeast corner of Carling. But because we had to sprint through the lights, we weren’t able to stop in time. We made our way west onto the O-train path, then over the Railway pedestrian bridge. At the top of the hill I stopped to snap a few pics of the new infill development.

On a completely different note, I don’t think I mentioned that Dollarama on Somerset near the O-train is now open. I think that’s my only update on neighbourhood stuff. Enjoy the flowers;

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