This morning I decided to not let the pants pulling perve deter me from my afternoon walking commute. So instead of my usual sporty jacket for bike riding, I pulled out an old three quarter length raincoat I hadn’t worn in a while.

I remember it being a bit warm once you get moving, but I figured with today’s measly high of 10 and afternoon showers in the forecast, it would be the perfect coat. I was already late, but saw the #16 coming down Wellington. It took me to Tunney’s where I grabbed a Metro newspaper and caught the first bus going down the transitway to Lebreton. From there, one Hull bound bus was leaving, but two more were lined up behind it.

As I walked to my building, hands buried in my pocket, I fingered through the contents. Hmmm, Kleenex … wonder how old that is? Today’s transfer …. check. What’s this square piece of paper? I pulled it out to see what it was. Hot pink bus tickets from 2009! I guess I now know when I last wore the coat. I wonder if I can still use them?