I have to admit that I surprised myself by choosing to cycle to work the last two days, especially after riding the 42-mile bike tour in New York. Maybe it’s because my feet were so sore from all the walking we did before and after cycling.

Either way, the weather wasn’t overly cooperative the past few days, but at least the rain was falling vertically, not horizontally. The idea of walking near the transitway with a groper on the loose isn’t very appealing either.

On my way home on Tuesday, as I cycled behind the War Museum I noticed a gaggle of Canada geese. I’m really not fans of them because they leave their green poop all over the path and are oblivious as to where the path ends and their feeding grounds begin. But huddled together in the tall grass were the cutest little goslings, all yellowy and fluffy.

I checked in the same spot this morning and saw them again. And while I know they’re going to grow up and poop on the path (I guess that makes it a truly multi-use pathway: cycling, walking, jogging, rollerblading and pooping!), they really are a site to see when you’re cycling into a steady rain.

I’ll try to remember to bring the camera to take a photo in the next few days.