For our last meal in New York, we chose the Merchant River Restaurant. It was on the Hudson River, with a great view of the setting sun and the Statue of Liberty. We had some difficulty finding it because of its location along the bike path, but several helpful doormen helped us out.

To start, we shared an order of asparagus spinach dip. NosyNeighbour had the steak, which came with shoestring fries and salad. I had a goat cheese salad with chicken added. Both meals were tasty. The only drawback was the smoke from the kitchen attached itself to our clothes. So make sure you eat outside or wear clothes you’re not wearing again if you go.

After all the walking and cycling, we had an early night, with a couple of beers (bought from a grocery store on the way back) in front of the TV.

Overall, I really like the hotel. The pros definitely outweighed the cons.  It’s location was ideal for our purpose,  two blocks from start of bike tour. The lobby was big, had a TV, lots of places to sit and free cappuccino, latte or coffee from a great self-serve machine. Because it’s main clientele is business, the front desk also has free i-pad loaners. You need to have $650 temporarily put on your credit card. Since we’ve been thinking about buying one, it was fun to try it out over the weekend. It also meant no fighting over the netbook.

Each floor has free filtered water + bottles (only don’t turn them upside down because they leak). There was also free laundry on our floor. The bed wasn’t great, but we’ve definitely had worse. No sign of bed bugs either.  Because the hotel is new, everything is clean. The shower could have had more water pressure. Our particular room was adjacent to another room’s balcony so our view was limited. The lower two thirds of our window were frosted for privacy reasons. But we did have a window that opened so we could enjoy the view. And many hotels don’t have windows that open. I love to hear the sounds of the city.

Our drive home was smooth going. We had no trouble getting out of the city, following the West Side Highway, which turns into the Hudson River Parkway, then Saw Mill River Parkway.  Memorable moments along the way include:

  • two older guys with full bellies napping on the sunny bank , beside the road along 28N
  • the cashier at McD’s in Warrensburg who couldn’t figure out the change for our $4.16 order when NosyNeighbour gave her $4.21
  • discovering the town of Newcomb and its manicured lawns
  • being swarmed by butterflies … I swear I could hear them saying, “Now I know why Mom said don’t  fly near traffic,” just before their faces smuck the windshield leaving a big yellowy orange pawprint.

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