I’ve seen things happening around the neighbourhood, but haven’t had the time to upload photos or blog about them. But this morning, I am making time.

It started last weekend, when NosyNeighbour noticed something as he drove along Byron. The wall behind the convent had come down, as had, sadly, some of the tall cedar hedge. On the upside, you can now get a nice view of the convent that I’d never seen before.

After walking through Westboro and browsing through MEC, the Expedition Shoppe and Bushtukah, we headed east to Hintonburg. Having been walking for a while, we treated ourselves to a donut at Suzy Q. I am soooo glad she’s far enough away that I don’t smell the fresh dough rising or the oven door opening with the sweet smell. Their toppings are amazing too. The latest treat was the lemon raspberry. Tim Hortons doesn’t come close!

We walked as far as the future Dollarama, just west of the Somerset Bridge over the O-train. I’ve walked past it a few times since then. On one day during last week, workers were busy stocking the shelves. It seemed there was an army of them. The next day the windows were all recovered with new Dollarama wrapping paper. It must be opening soon.

At the site of the future Simply Raw Express, just east of Suzy Q, a poster advertised today’s 4th annual Ottaw Veg Fest. I apologize to my vegetarian followers about not sharing this with you sooner. It’s free admission with free samples and food demos. I guess I was laden down with all the fat and sugar from my doughnut at Suzy Q!

P.Phan Jewelry, beside Mint Hair Salon, is now gone and the space for rent. I love how they did the balconies. It reminds me of Chinatown in San Francisco. Maybe it’s just the bright colours underneath with the blue tarp on one of the balconies.

Here’s the neighbourhood happenings over the past few weeks in photos:

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