My plan this morning was to bus in the morning to walk home after work. When I left the house, I was a bit late for a walk all the way to the Transitway, but a bit early to take the #16. Because the wind was so much colder than yesterday’s humidity, I decided to walk the 16 route until the bus caught up with me.

The bus finally arrived and I hoped I’d get a seat. I managed to get an aisle seat opposite the back door. I put my backpack on my lap and settled in. All of a sudden I wondered why my pants felt wet. I lifted up my backpack and saw a wet mark on my thigh where the backpack had been. WTF!

So I picked up the backpack, which was completely soaked on the bottom and moved it to the floor and started wondering what could have happened. Lunch consisted of a fruit salad made this morning. There was nothing that juicy in the container that could have leaked that much. No juice box. And Greek yogurt is too thick to leak that fast. I checked when I got to Lebreton and still couldn’t figure it out. Not a great start to the day so far.

I arrive at my office building, carefully holding the backpack so nothing else gets wet. I’m wondering if I’ll have to sneak out to buy a new pair of pants. If it’s fruit juice I’ll have fruit flies all over me.

A half dozen workers are waiting to take the elevator. The first woman boards, then a male cyclist motions for me to go next. I tell him that he can go, but he insists that I go. So I start to board the elevator and get crushed by the closing doors. My day is really not going well.

I get to my desk and start emptying out my backpack. What is this liquid, I wonder? Could it be hand sanitizer? Nope, no container. Then I remember. My baby carrots were looking a bit dry so I added water to the Ziploc and left it on the counter. I hadn’t emptied the water or closed the Ziploc, so ….. it was only water.

So ….no new pants for me!